Second Cold War: Possible Causes and Preventing Measures

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In this volatile environment for a developing nation like ours which is a target of frequent mudslinging verbal and military threats as well as attempts at our defamation, the only resource that we possess which acts as a deterrent is our arsenal of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. The DPRK would retaliate if needed.

While at the same time we, a labeled and demonized nation have played a part beyond our capacity and have, to some extent compromised our foreign policy in participating in two ground breaking and decisive summits with the leader of the world’s remaining superpower, President Donald Trump and the President of our sister state, Moon Jae-in and making amends to ensure peace and work towards the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula as a way to achieve that and also to work towards reunification of Korea. Our talks with the two leaders have eased fears and anxieties of the world community regarding our nation and our policy and have diplomatically taken steps to achieve peace after the Cold War, which had never been done before. Therefore, somewhat delaying the onslaught and reducing the intensity (by taking steps towards peace) at which the Cold War would have got triggered.

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  • firmly believes that the super-power rivalry, that is, clash for powers between the USA and Russia is contributing immensely to the current cold war.
  • believes that the on-going proxy wars in the Middle-East are leading to the possibility of a third world war.
  • believes that the countries of each bloc are rapidly producing nuclear weapons on a mass scale in the name of self-defense.
  • believes that the atmosphere today is filled with suspicion and tension as a war could break out any time.

Suggestive measures


  • urges the members of the two opposing blocs to recognize/accept the recurrence of the phenomenon of the Cold War which has not only begun, but well into its adulthood realize the consequences that the world would have to face if not acted upon.
  • recommends the United Nations Security Council to include “Reviewing the funding supporting of political/militant/revolutionary groups by External entities , especially National governments” as an agenda item, so as to discuss and debate over the backing of certain opposing groups in the states in distress by rival powers, which has historically and recently accentuated internal conflicts.
  • suggests the organizing of multilateral talks between the major players in the South China Sea: China, Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei and Taiwan to discuss over this long-standing dispute to find a peaceful, definitive and lasting solution for the conflict by defining of inland waters.
  • suggests the organizing of multilateral talks between Iran and Syria as well as other Middle Eastern countries to discuss the spreading of Arab Spring movements which have obtained a violent character, providing room for intervention and encroachment over national sovereignty by external organizations or nations.
  • requests the ICJ to review international documents concerning the protection of national sovereignty and the intervention of countries in the internal matters of independent nations like the UN charter and Resolution no: 50/172 on Agenda Item 112(b) of the General Assembly.


The DPRK, having understood the consequences that the world could face in the future from its own bitter experiences as a victim of the Cold War has taken steps to prevent its recurrence in the present times. We have suggested above the measures which we believe would prove beneficial to prevent the onslaught of a second cold war. We thus invite all like-minded nations, with a common goal of seeking peace through deterrence of superpowers and strengthening of their own country’s resources to empower and march towards self-dependence and promoting lasting peace between opposing powers. Also we seek to include other stronger organs of the UN in this process to control international intervention and protection of the national sovereignty, which shall be a step towards preventing future proxy wars.

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