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Security Towards Cyber Crime

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In recent years problem of cyber security is increasing very rapidly and also it’s emerging as a biggest threat to our security. Now a days attacker on networks become so sophisticated as there is a widespread use of wireless networks i.e. unsafe wifi, Bluetooth etc and also the hacking of different devices like mobile, gmails and bank account will become very easy to take all the information. Cyber space creates moral, civil and criminal wrongs so, seeing this alarming situation government is making efforts to overcome this situation.The word Crime means “an Act which may leads to legal wrong that can be followed by criminal proceedings which may result into punishment” whereas Cyber Crime may be “unlawful acts wherein the computer act either as a medium or goal or both”.Success in any field results in crime that needs mechanisms to control it. Today technology has become a vital element of the society; because everyone is adopting this modernization in technology very happily. Thus, there is a need for awareness and proper legislation in all countries for the prevention of computer related crime. In spite of plenty of laws, now it is also a big challenge to implement it because day by day crime is gradually increases.


What is cyber security-Cyber security word itself means computer security, security of computer information, hardware and software from theft or damage through physical access whether intentionally, accidently or by deviating from secure procedures. Cyber security is very important with the rapid increase in the use of computers, emails and smart devices (phones, televisions and other devices connected with wifi and Bluetooth) Cyber Crime are unlawful acts where the PC is utilized either as an instrument or an objective or both. The colossal development in electronic business (web based business) and online offer exchanging has prompted an irregular spurt in occurrences of digital wrongdoing.With increase in information technology there is an increase in cyber crimes. Cyber crimes also include theft of Financial information, PIN , biometric information etc. Survey report shows that there is an annually loss of 30,000 crores in the world due to cyber crimes. Now a day’s Internet is the biggest and most common way of spying. Internet is the platform of digital fraud and cheating also. Because of all these problems it is advisable for all to limit their uploading of personal information and their photographs on social sites.Backbone of cyber criminals the underground black market supported by exploit kits, packaged malware and hacks is expected to continue and evolve citing tried-and-true crime ware like Black Hole, APTs(Anti Piracy Technologies) which have been improved and refined in ways that shows the extent of professionalism and methodology for developing malwares. Cyber attackers can also leads to financial and economic problems of the country such as illegal control over traffic systems, stealing country’s security information, military secrets, financial frauds, stealing corporate information and also this all leads to terror activities.

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Reasons for the growth of cyber security:

  1. Cyber crime is becoming business-People are able to earn profit in a very short span of life. In one theft they are able to earn double triple as if they earn with their jobs. So this is very short and easy way of achieving success, for many people it becomes a business.
  2. The internet of things is Exacerbating the problem –Now we have a lot of devices like laptop, phones, gaming systems and other devices without any boundary. So as this list exceeds security reasons are at the verge of threat either by untrustworthy devices or by coming in contact with untrustworthy devices.
  3. Cyber security is the main street issue-National Crime Records Bureau(NCRB) stated India recorded 9,622 , 11,592 and 12,317 cases of cyber crime in 2014, 2015, 2016 respectively. With the rapid increase in no. of cases it come in the spotlight and becomes the main street of concern .
  4. The competitive market if finally rewarding innovation-As our market is increasing, Competition is also increasing among them and in order to succeed or earn profit among them, they have to do some innovation which makes their company or product unique and distinct in a market in order to attract consumers to their products. So in this they have to innovate something new which also have to be protected by IP Rights.There are many other factors which lead to the growth of cyber security and till now whatever changes occur are for the benefit of people.

Current statistics related to cyber security-In 2016 there are 12,317 cases registered ,in 2014 there are 11,592 cases, in 2012 there are 9,622 cases , 2012 there were about 2761 cyber crimes which rapidly rise and results in 4192 cyber crimes in 2013. If these crimes were considered as per Indian Penal Code, then also the results of crimes were 5500. Maharashtra (681) and Andhra Pradesh (635) were the two states where rise in cyber crimes were almost 50 percent as per National crimes record. Results of these crimes in other states were also not fair enough, Karnataka (513), Kerala (349), Madhya Pradesh (282) and Rajasthan (239). Gujarat is the only place where there is decrease in number of crimes 68 in 2012 decreases to 61 in 2013. But again it rapidly increases from 2014.

Cyber Security Research – Cyber Security Research is one context where the solution to deal with cyber criminals is germinating. Investment of time and resources requires fostering strategies for research and developing transformative solution to meet critical cyber security challenges. To begin with the focus of cyber security research is nowadays to deal with new emerging threats and detecting the threats before they effect or cause good amount of damages. Research is based on two perspectives.


Following are the cyber security techniques which are using by nations and companies are focusing their research efforts:-Ø Research in Industry

  1. Next Generation Detection Technology-Acc. to this technology we can easily detect severe problems. some problems are easily detectable at initial stage but some are not detected at initial stage for this we need an advanced technological tools i.e. advanced malware technological solutions which is a combination of two techniques – sophisticated techniques i.e. new malicious websites are detected across organization to evaluate advance threats and static code analysis looking for obfuscated scripts, malicious code snippets and also to redirects other malicious sites.
  2. Command-and-Control Protection-Any enterprise connected to the Internet can become a target of bot driven attack. Using normal security solutions attacks are very difficult to detect because of their strong behavior. These attacks are so much harmful that it leads to severe damages to an organization which are very expensive and also unable to repair. Now a day’s Research and development are using a unique technique such as fingerprint and use of legitimate applications which can detect any illegal activities.
  3. Malware and Malicious Infrastructure-There is already a noticeable trend of increasing virus on social networks, such as mobile networks and cloud computing. The threat of malware will still remain unstoppable in future if no proper measures are taken. We need advancement in technology to deal with these types of problems (such as botnet tracking, analysis of criminal etc). Latest development made for these problems are botnet detection and mitigation tool.
  4. Moving Target Defense (MTD)-As we know that now a day’s cyber attacks are growing very rapidly. To reduce these crimes automated systems must adapted by the IT systems. This adaption of new solution can also lead to increases in cost and risk. Current solutions cannot defend the network and system components alone due to their strong beahaviour. Processes of application that are running on different servers or distributed networks are harmful to network and systems layer of an organization. To overcome these disruptions, MTD (Moving Target Defense) technology comes into action. MTD deployed at the application layer can mask and evade threats to OS/Network and HW/System layer components that can comprise a mission.

Cyber Security Research – Indian Perspective-In recent years India has witnessed a massive growth in cyber technologies which helped in gaining high achievement in all directions (such as economic growth, welfare of the nation, and empowerment and active participation in policy matters). As we know that with every success, challenges also associated with it. So with this also cyber security is the major challenge which is associated. To face these challenges researches done on Indian perspective level those are as follows-

Quantum Cryptography & Secure Multiparty Computation-Research and development area of India not only focuses on contemporary issues but also it focuses on the futuristic area. Futuristic areas such as quantum cryptography and multiparty computation, cryptography means storing or sending the coded data so that it can be read only by those for whom it is to be written. Other is multiparty computation or also known as Secure multi-party computation is a subfield of cryptography with the goal of creating methods for parties to jointly compute a function over their inputs while keeping those inputs private. This research area is gaining significant traction and already being undertaken by researchers in the country.

Threat Intelligence-Cyber threat landscape is expanding enormously in the cyber space. This issue is already being taken into the consideration by the researchers as priority item. Research is going specifically for Malware research analysis, Worm Propagation and Detection, Targeted remote malware clean-up, Advanced Persistent Threat Countermeasure, anomaly detection for zero-day attack, Intrusion Detection Systems, SPAM Detection & Filtering, exploitation and Reverse engineering, among others. Other organizations are also working on the domain of the antivirus and anti-malware research and development.

Next Generation Firewall-Researchers are also working in future ready solutions and multi identity based technology such as next generation firewall which gives security intelligence to the enterprises and enables them to apply best security controls over the network. Other security solutions such as threat intelligence and management systems, Web Application Firewall, Web filtering, Anti-Virus, Anti-spam, etc will help in creating more efficient and secure ecosystem.

BYOD, Cloud and Mobile Security-Increase in adaptation of various technologies such as mobile phones result in increment of security and privacy related challenges. Applications and mobile security testing technologies such as BYOD (Bring your own device) risk mitigation, Cloud security assessment and protection are some of the areas where advancement of technologies is taking place through Research and development activities.

Authentication Techniques-It is important to establish trust and credibility in business processes and for that purpose advance authentication techniques are used. In the country research is moving towards authentication techniques such as Key Management, Two Factor Authentication, Automated key management which provides the ability to encrypt and decrypt without a centralized key management system, File protection both on rest as well as in transit, access controls solutions on cloud, among others.“After all these researches cyber laws were also made for cyber crimes by the government.”

Laws made by government:-Internet Law- – Cyber LawCyber Law is the law administering digital wrong doing. Cyber Crime incorporates wrongdoing identified with PCs, systems, programming, information stockpiling gadgets, the Internet, sites, messages and even electronic gadgets, for example, mobile phones, ATM machines and so forth. Digital Law is the law which have been affirmed by the legislature, are in drive over a specific region, these laws been obeyed by all people on that region and Infringement of these guidelines could prompt government activity, for example, detainment or fine or a request to pay remuneration. There is no different law which manages digital wrongdoing or information assurance the main arrangements which discusses information security are Section 72 and Section 43 of Information Technology Act, 2000. There must be another Law to manage the circumstance for a man to realize that the Controller is preparing his information concerning him and furthermore that he should know the reason for which it has been handled. It is a crucial right of the Individual to hold private data concerning him gave under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution, which says: “No individual will be denied of his life or individual freedom aside from as indicated by technique built up by law”.

Distributing Pornographic Material In Electronic Form: Segment 67 of the Information Technology Act, 2000 in parallel to Section 292 of Indian Penal Code, 1860 makes production and transmission of any material in electronic that is salacious or claims to the lustful intrigue a wrongdoing, and culpable with detainment which may stretch out to 5 years and fine of 1 lakh rupees and ensuing offense with a detainment reaching out to 10 years and fine of 2 lakhs. Examinations And Search Procedures Area 75 of Information Technology Act, 2000 deals with jurisdictional part of digital wrongdoings, and one would be rebuffed regardless of his nationality and place of commission of offense. Intensity of examination is been given to cop not beneath the rank of Deputy Superintendent of police or any officer of the Central Government or a State Government approved by Central Government. He may enter any open place, lead a pursuit and capture without warrant individual who is sensibly anticipated that would have carried out an offense or going to carry out PC related wrongdoing. Blamed must be created before judge inside 24 long periods of capture. Arrangements of Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 manage the system of passage, hunt and capture of the charged.


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