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See The Great Mistake Of Cristiano Ronaldo

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Was Ronaldo’s greatest undoing moving to Juventus? Well, in life, each time one finds himself in a different or certain environment, one needs time to adopt to how things are being done there before success can be recorded and this is applicable to Rolando’s case. Looking at Ronaldo, sentiment apart, one shouldn’t deny the fact that he was a fantastic player at Manchester United before moving to Real Madrid and then Juventus, a lesser club. Ronaldo is a player who likes challenges. He doesn’t want to remain in a football club like Messi. He wants to be a champion and break records at different places. When he moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid, a lot of people predicted that he would under perform there while some people predicted otherwise.

After an excellent performance at Real Madrid, the 5 times Ballon D’or winner has made the right choice by going to Juventus because he knows that the club is a winning team and he stands a chance of winning Champions League with them. Considering the fact that Serie A style of football is very defensive and it doesn’t take long for a player to have injury, I have heard people arguing that Ronaldo’s decision was his undoing. A scoring machine now finds it pretty hard to score a goal probably because the quality of players he played with In Madrid enhanced his productivity and efficiency. Italian league style of play is more of defense than attack. Average goals in a match in Premiership is over 2 goals.

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Average goals in a match in Laliga is over 2. 5 goalsBut average goals in a match in Serie A is under 2. 5This means his scoring chances of being a scoring Machine in Seria A is significantly low Ronaldo is a great player, no doubt, but the league he is, does not support his style of play. He’s going to play against strong defenders on a weekly basis and soon, he might get tired or fatigued. We all saw Ronaldo crying because he’s already feeling the pain of his move. He didn’t cry because of the red card but because strange things are happening in his present career phase. Finally, I feel that one should remain where they are being celebrated and achieving great feats than trying to impress the world by travelling world over and changing companyThis has cost Zlatan Ibrahimovic many accolades that could have made him the best of all timeI drop my pen at this junctureI don’t know if this makes sense at all


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