Seeing Religion Through the Eyes of Wisdom and Intelligence

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It is foolish to be indoctrinated with blindness on the head. It is good to test such suspicious stones as soon as possible and to put them in the system. If the religion is true, then they will never burn in the furnace; inverted ones will be consumed by falsehood, whose mixture starts to become suspect in true religion. Drying in the fire does not make the skin darker but more bright. By putting truth-religion in the furnace of wisdom-wisdom, there is no fear of destruction of it, but by doing so, its abilities will increase further and its high place will always be there. Like material science and chemistry, theology should also be proved with direct evidence. If the knowledgeable knowledge is more than the workers, then why would not the wisdom of the knowledge-based scripture on root (physical) scripture be attained? The success of the physical sciences is the trust of the senses and the relation of the scriptures is related to the conscience, then is it not always a duty that we first try the accomplishment of this essential and main scripture?

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Those who say that it is foolish to toss religion on the scales of wisdom-wisdom, they are certainly short-sighted. Suppose a Christian is fighting a Muslim in this way - 'My religion is the direct God, Jesus has said.' The Muslim says, 'My religion is God-conscious.' The Christian insisted on this: 'Your Religion has written a lot of lies in the book. Your religion says that make every human not forcibly forcefully or make a Muslim. If you do not have to kill anyone in doing so then there is no sin. Muhammad's missionary will get Paradise. 'The Muslim said,' Everything written in my religion is written well. 'The Christian replied,' Such things are not written in my religion book; 'This type of question does not benefit both. One sees the book of each other in a bad way. With this, they can not decide which book's ethics is best? If the discriminating intellect is brought in both work, then it will not be difficult to decide the truth. Even if there is no faith in a religious book, it is immediately resolved if any specific thing written by him is accepted by the discriminating intelligence. The one whom we call trust has also arisen from discriminating intelligence. But here the question arises that the power of examining different or mutually opposed laws of two Mahatmas is in our discriminating intelligence or not? If theology is inexplicable and its work is out of our power, then it should be understood that the meaning of theology is not of much significance in the books of manipulation or mischief. Religion is the result of the development of the human heart. Along with the development of conscience, the path of religion has come out. Religion's existence is not dependent on books but on human hearts. Books are mere scenes of attitude to humans. Books have emerged from humans. The development of human beings is 'cause' and the scripture is his 'work'. If we do any work by placing on the criterion of discriminating intelligence, then there will be no deceit in it. If you test religion as well, then what is our loss in it?

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