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Segregation Still Exists in Our Society

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In today’s society, we all detach ourselves through many ways without realizing that we are slowly blocking the process of our own individuality and identity. I, myself do this as well in the form of only being around people of my personal interests, rather than shared interests with others around me. Segregation is a problem we face now, and is strongly socially constructed by our race, ethics, values, morals, religion, and culture.

Danah Boyd has critically highlighted the widespread culture of self-segregation in American society. Despite widespread availability of tools, and technology to connect with one another, we are all closely segregated in various areas of life. Polarization, differences, and fragmentation are evident in our world now. However, the majority population of society denies the existence of self- segregation. Communities, schools, and prison are cores of segregated communities, if they’re closely observed. It surrounds our society even in ways the population fails to realize. The reality is that no matter we work in diverse workplaces, the culture of segregation is extensive everywhere. This occurrence is not only observed by the uneducated class.

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The educated class and communities also tend to segregate themselves on of cultural, social, and political differences. We divide ourselves into groups where we feel we culturally fit in better, or standing by people more similar to us; thus, creating a barrier of diversity, and staying in our “comfort” zone. The physical separation is always apparent but the cultural, racial and social differences are the invisible elements segregating and dividing the society. For instance, the root of this problem grows from the very start in the school system, the students there are observed in different groups. The widespread culture of segregation strengthens its roots from here. Later on, these students tend to observe the similar culture in their personal matters, workplace and social interaction. For example, a common culture of reluctance to socialize with other religions and ethnicities exists in the colleges. For instance, there are events categorized with different people, such as parties or hanging out, and these instances reflect the segregation in social activities between people.

These are the common observations but it does not imply that every student or community follows these differences in American society. Danah Boyd also briefly talks about the privatization in the American military as well, stating that the armed forces are employed through private military contractors; therefore, there is no diversity and cooperation when people are privatized into a group. Diversity is harder to accomplish in every walk of life, and the difficulty further increases because of the extended cultural differences in multi-dimensional fields; such as labor, school, community, religion, and social environment. Our society, and world contains, clear and important stages where societies all over were defined by the racial, cultural and social differences among them, and the aftermath of these conflicts is still in the contemporary social fabric of American society. The technological changes has created many ways for people, including myself to be unintentionally self-segregated, and have wiped out the tendency to interact with a diverse, and multicultural community. For example, a person who dislikes the dress displayed on an ad on Facebook it can be removed from there, and they can see an ad of his/her own interest. These inventions have shut down the window of interaction, grasping the thoughts, and cooperating actively with the communities with different religious and cultural beliefs. The self-segregation has acquired an inherent status in the society. In our modern world, appearances are sufficient enough to signal whether a person prefers to segregate or not. The people who are not inclined towards self-segregation have to, at times, self-segregate because of the culture, and mechanics observed at professional, and social places, or simply from a class they grew up in.

To conclude, the equality, and connection between people can only be built in the society which has a densely diverse social interaction and peace. The exposure of social media like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter has held a negative impact on maintaining the diverse society, the content on these social media sites further revives the prolonged cultural, and ethnic differences by highlighting the opposed, debatable values, and perspectives of communities. It is important to include diversity in every step of our lives to a ensure healthy growth of a complex society. The social fabric of American society is tearing apart smoothly without indicating many signals.


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