Selenite Stone and Its Properties


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The chemical formula of gypsum corresponds exactly to the chemical formula of selenite. In fact , selenite is a crystalline form of gypsum , and not the most beautiful. Favorite collectors of “roses of the desert” are also crystals of gypsum, the clusters of which are often really similar to roses.

Gemologists consider the stone selenite to be a diverse community of “moon” gems. Mineralogists have no kinship: selenite is a water calcium sulphate. Moonstone is a silicate.

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Properties of selenite

Natural deposits of gypsum, formed in areas of slow drainage of the coastal zone of the sea, are rich in selenite crystals. In most cases, selenite is semi-transparent , colored with warm pastel colors: pinkish-cream, beige, yellowish. The crystals are colorless and transparent.

Because of the low hardness (the second position on the Mohs scale, i.e., is scratched by the nail), stone selenite has limited application in the jewelry industry. The beauty of the needle-like layering of the mineral does not go unnoticed by the masters, but the fragility of the material does not allow to sculpt from large ones – and selenite often forms monoliths of impressive size – the crystals are imperishable masterpieces. The fate of the stone is to be an exhibit of a mineralogical collection, or to turn into an inexpensive ornament.

Price availability is an important price feature of selenite . Carved sculpture from a quality crystal is unlikely to cost more than $ 50, even if its size exceeds 30 cm. Inexpensive and key rings, bracelets, beads and earrings from selenite. The maximum price for a single item is $ 15.

Inexpensive, but beautiful!

The fine-fibrous structure of translucent selenite refracts the light rays into a deep, foggy and mysterious glow. Artists carve abstract or animalistic figures from the gem, putting bright meaning and good emotions into the works.

Untreated varieties of selenite have been used since ancient times for grinding magic balls, pyramids, pedestals for interior sculpture and other crafts. The silky shine of the stone prompted architects from different eras to use the precious material in the decoration of the premises.

Seven Elephants – the popular embodiment of home well-being in Eurasia – was not molded from porcelain (as in China), not cut from ivory (as in Japan), not carved from marble (as in Italy), but made from Ural selenite .

The fragile beauty of the stone requires special care. Selenite should be protected from shocks, abrasion, high humidity and intense sun (ultraviolet) radiation. For the sake of saving the initial properties of a product made of selenite, it is usually covered with a special transparent varnish.

Extraction and … falsification

Deposits of crystalline gypsum are ubiquitous and are always conducted in a career way. As a result, the cost of a raw stone is extremely low, and the customer’s attention to products from selenite is absent-minded …

What falsifiers use. A semi-liquid mass (polymeric, silicate, mineral) with longitudinal impregnations of impurities; by means of hydroextrusion, the necessary quantities of “crystals” or figures are formed; The finishing process turns coarse blanks into finished products.

In some regions of the world, the demand for selenite has been formed over the centuries – there, and there are selling fakes.

Magical properties of selenite

By itself, selenium does not have the spiritual strength sufficient to solve magical problems. However, to strengthen the effect of other attributes of witchcraft practice, selenium can. The magicians are popular with selenite candlesticks, caskets, symbols, figurines.

A person, eager to communicate with the guardian angel, can take the help of selenite. Perfectly processed selenite is placed on the bedside table (or even under the pillow). After a while, convinced of the perseverance of the petitioner’s desire, the angel is a person with a ready answer to the question.

A miniature sculptural group of selenite can become an amulet for the whole family. The positive effect of the mineral is especially noticeable for people with insufficient visual acuity. Helps selenite and in the fight against puffiness – however, with the constant use of stone in lithotherapy, it is necessary to arrange selenite “lunar baths”. Every full moon the mineral should “bathe” in the rays of the night light.

Set in silver, selenite has a beneficial effect on the life of the signs of Water. However, not only zodiacal Pisces, Cancers and Scorpios can count on the promotion of selenite. To a greater or lesser extent, the stone helps everyone!

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