Self-Analysis Report: Background and Self-Introduction

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Self-Analysis Report: Background And Self-Introduction

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  • My Self Introduction Report
  • Final Words
  • Works cited

In today’s world we are very much aware of what is happening around us or in the world but we are barely aware of what we are as an individual or what are our hidden talent which we aren’t aware of. Self-analysis report is a report in which one tries to discover and know himself or herself better. In my self introduction report I would be talking about myself and how my personality relates to what all have been taught to me till date in Organization Behavior course. Since this course is all about an individual’s behavior in an organization I personally believe that through this report I would not only be able to know myself but also would be able to give in my best to the organization and coordinate well in a group.

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My Self Introduction Report

My name is Shivam Singh, 22 years old, hail from the city itself. I come from a family of 4 which includes my mother (Mrs. Anita Singh who is a housewife), my father (Mr. Tej Pal Singh, Assistant Development Officer, Tribal Welfare Department, U.P Government), my elder brother (Sales Officer in Reliance Mutual Funds). Currently I am pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. I have completed my Hospitality and Hotel Administration from Institute of Hotel Management and Applied Nutrition, Alto Porvorim, Goa with a 4 months work experience at The Oberoi, New Delhi as Front Office Assistant. I have completed my schooling from City Montessori School, Lucknow. Being a graduate from hospitality discipline I have strong communication skills, a dynamic personality. I’ve had a rollercoaster journey when it comes to my school, college and job life. I have always been an introvert ever since I started going to the school. I always refrained myself from participating in any group task or fun activity major reason being I was an introvert and remained alone most of the time. Initially since I used to be a part of a joint family and all my other cousins were pretty confident and extrovert that also affected me in an adverse way that I could not overcome my fear of being in a group to a fairly longer period of time. In school I always avoided participating in class, going up on stage to give any speech etc. all because of me being an introvert. Being an introvert is not a bad thing but to a certain extent it hinders the personality development of an individual. When I was in 9th standard, our ancestral home got sold off and me, my parents and elder brother shifted to another and as a repercussion I was transferred to another branch of the same school. Again because of me being an introvert I found it very difficult to make new friends as I knew nobody in that school. My attendance percentage went down. I thought if I would only concentrate on my studies without making friends maybe that would help me draw attention away from all this but it never happened that way. Every day I used to go to the school and it used to be like a big burden on me to end my day at school since I had no friends to talk with and had only studies to focus on. Gradually my attendance went down because of me not attending classes and so my parents had to have frequent meetings with my class teacher and school principal.

Someone has said it right, every night has a day and so happened with me. It was a fresh week and on Monday there was a new admission in my school. A young boy named Rishabh Khare, who got admitted in the same section and we started interacting. He was completely opposite to how I was. An extrovert where I was an introvert, loud where I used to be quiet most of the time, a boy who used to move out of the classroom after every class where I used to remain seated throughout and used to only move out during recess and when the school used to get over. Me and Rishabh became good friends eventually and over the due course of time we got to know more about each other. He came to know more about what kind of a person I am and warm hearted thanks to him that he to a major extent pulled me out of this feeling of seclusion. We had movie outings, dinner plans with our friend circle.

That was the phase when I started observing a huge change in my personality. It not only helped me improve my personality but also it improved my attendance which consequently improved my academic score. With our better understanding about each other’s qualities we became good friends. Second changing phase happened when I completed my schooling and moved to another city for my graduation. It was for my Bachelors in Hospitality and Hotel Administration from IHM Goa. It was really an eye opening experience for me because ever since birth I’ve been in Lucknow only, never travelled to any other city so this was a very strange amalgamation of fear and happiness of being to a new city. When I flew down to the also known as Pearl City initially it was really a nice experience since my elder brother was there with me to help me settle in the city but later on when my elder brother flew back to Lucknow that again generated a sense of fear in me because that time I felt I was all alone and had nobody around if in case I land in any trouble. But as 1st year passed and I made few friends one of which is Sharol Elizabeth George who again was an extrovert type of a person and who also is majorly responsible for helping me overcome my introvert behavior. Throughout the three years of this course, I underwent a huge personality development because of few major reasons- first we had lot of presentations which helped me overcome my stage fear, interaction with people from different cities helped me overcome fear of being a part of a group.

Final Words

After 3rd year placement at The Oberoi, New Delhi as Front Office Assistant, I realized the actual difference between college life and job life. It was again a different experience for me again because life at college is pretty much relaxed as compared to job life. Also my personality developed when I was at workplace as I came across people from different backgrounds and also we came across various guests in the hotel from different industries. Hospitality is such an industry which requires day to day interaction with people from different industries so I personally feel it was nice exposure for me to overcome my fear and have overcome to a certain extent.

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