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Self Assessment On Dealing With Emotions

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Emotion is a powerful force. Understanding this powerful and mysterious force can aid us to appreciate the enormous role in the way we relate to others (Floyd, 2009). In this emotion assignment, I am going to describe about the two emotions that are difficult for me to express and how I deal with it, and the two emotions I find hard to deal with when others express it to me. Also, I will represent my ideas about how dealing with emotions and communicating effectively is necessary for social service workers and key skills on how can I be better at interpersonal communications.

To begin with, social service workers are the first person to contact with the client, and it is very important for them to respond effectively towards emotions expressed by the clients. As social workers are in an emotionally demanding profession; maintaining a balance between emotion and professional conduct is struggling, but it is essential to do so in order to provide better service standards and to avoid stress in personal. When the client expresses the particular emotion, pain, anger or fear, to a social worker, it is important for them to deal strategically; the matter is sensitive that might trigger the client. Davidson (1994) noted that emotional responses occur within the context of mood. The social worker needs to be emotionally healthy and should have work-life balance. To cite an example, in an incident when the client shows anger resulting from frustration, the social service worker is expected to deal with it by being calm, patient, and giving time to the client, being considerate and polite, and try to solve problems if asked for. Respond to certain kinds of emotions could be troublesome, and service workers are expected to communicate it accurately to facilitate client; not to be overwhelmed with the client’s feeling and listen attentively of what they share.

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There are two types of emotions I find are hard for me to express- Anger and Disgust. I think to reveal anger is challenging for me because I do not want to portray my emotional outburst in form of aggression. Anger is universally recognizable in facial expressions, I get aggression when someone provokes me inappropriately for instance, and it is hard for me to show this emotion to people with whom I am close personally or professionally. However, it is essential to manage the emotion I do not want to show, and I try to replace it with the good deeds they have done to me. Many times I strive to ignore in anticipation and engage in the activities of my interest; I do read books that make calm and engaged; sometimes I do get out for a walk in the garden and connect with peaceful mother nature. Not only expressing this emotion will affect my relationship with the people, but also it will adversely affect my mental health. Definitely, it will impact the perception of my image to others. Moreover, showing anger at the workplace is socially unacceptable, and that is directly proportional to the patient’s emotional and mental well-being and doing so will worsen the situation of the client. Also, such type of emotional expression is*z not applicable in a professional setting with the co-workers, I would work in future; if I do not show anger to certain frustrating elements, then everybody will behave normally with me in a friendly and open manner. The second emotion that is hard for me to express is disgust.

For example, if I am walking on the street and somebody suddenly vomits out, at that time it is hard for me to change the facial expressions that make me uncomfortable. And I do not want to express the disgust because that I think is disrespectful and insulting. The word disgust literally means ‘the opposite of taste’, but we use the term to describe a sense much stronger than distasteful. Disgust ensures that we must avoid contact with something, to exemplify, I would stay away from that person who vomited due to uncleanliness and smelling (Kringelbach & Phillips, 2014). Yes, the way we communicate this emotion affect the interpersonal relationship to a greater extent in the context of personal relationships and how we treat others matters. I think we try to avoid something that is disgusting. One regularly cited experiment showed that people would not drink juice that had a cockroach briefly dipped into it, even when the cockroach had been thoroughly sterilized(Kringelbach & Phillips, 2014). I think it is good that I am not able to express disgust easily because this will positively impact on my professional life; if I do not express it, I will be able to maintain a friendly relationship with the client and my co-workers. The situation can be worse if I do show the emotion in a manner that disturbs my relation with the particular person, and it might appear that they would not communicate with me ever in future. In addition to this, it is vital for the personal growth that I should develop my communication skill with anger and disgust. I have planned certain strategies to deal with the emotions.

At first, never show anger with aggression, it will help nothing, we do not need to take actions of the client or people personally, instead try to figure out why the person is behaving in a particular, it is possible that they are going through rough time. Be aware of other’s emotions and hence, try to empathize. Never misinterpret the message with negativity, prepare to listen which is the best key. Asking for time out and breaking the conversation is acceptable when you are angry; sometimes telling that the topic is aggressive can help out the situation. Apart from this, to deal with disgust I need to be careful of my actions and expressions while it is unpleasant for me. Do not let the feeling of disgust to take control over the thinking.


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