Self-Belief as a Crucial Element of Success in Life

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“Engineering and Self-confidence”

Thinking positively to build self-belief is maybe one of the most debatable topics of students attending to college nowadays when choosing a life career, this special state of believing reaches considerable proportions of support and confidence. The role of self-believing requires from students to be sure and to be committed to their choices, being responsible for their actions. When choosing a career such as Civil Engineering -where students need to be more than him or herself- they should be able for changes so as at work field as at personal one. Being self-confident would be the first quality to evaluate, but a few more –self-knowledge, self-disciplined, self-responsible, and self-motivated- are extremely needed to know that a student´s personality matches with the already created stereotype of civil engineers, and the work they perform. Students need to make sacrifices to reach their goals and to be sure of decisions they are taking for the upcoming future. For that reason, believing in one-self is the most important characteristic that involves personal life and career.

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Luis H. Toledo-Pereyra in his article “Believing in Yourself” published in 2008 on pages 229 – 231 of Journal of Investigative Surgery asserts that people in general must know about the importance of belief in self. The author develops this assertion by presenting research on such affective topics such as self-confidence, values, personal characteristics, and people´s qualities. He wrote this article to explain and publicize the influence of affective self-characteristics in surgeons´ career and their professional life. He uses the phrase “commonly stereotyped behavior” to refers to the frequently idea people have about surgeons´ career and performance, and how this behavior should be. The author sets as headline the phrase “statement of the problem” in one of the article´s paragraphs to make reference to the most arguable aspects about surgeons, which are that they are considered people absolutely sure of themselves, that they cannot exude anything but confidence, and that they opportunity of error is not even considered. Toledo-Pereyra concludes by discussing about the process of earning self-confidence in order to believe in self and how it is necessary to become success and to be a better human being with the result of taking care of patients in the best possible way. The information in this article touches topics not just applicable to surgeons´ career, but to other work fields, such as Civil Engineering, which is a specialty that demands a high level of self-confidence from students when choosing it as life career. (“Toledo-Pereyra”)

Maria, Andra and Matthias´ article “Be Yourself, Believe in Yourself, and Be Happy: Self-Efficacy as a Mediator Between Personality Factors And Subjective Well-Being” moves through the importance of self-believing and the social psychology behind it. The article is the result of a deep research that shows close connections between personality and subjective well-being. The authors suggest that personality, thoughts and self-characteristics influence life, personal behavior and professional life, and give a description about how does this work. They explain about the most efficient method of getting self-confidence in order to believe the best in self-work and the professional career chosen. The main objective of the article is to investigate self-efficacy as a mediator of the influence of personality factors on life satisfaction and subjective happiness as no separate components. (“Strobel, Tumasjan, Sporrle”)

Students knowing who they are and what they want own self-confident in almost every aspect of their lives, this way they are able to become successful. Possessing self-knowledge could be the key of life´s achievements. Realizing about self-individual-aspects in time, gives the possibility of knowing in advance what is wanted to be accomplish, and the best possible way to do it. A student who is aware of his or her skills and weaknesses has the vantage of choosing the ideal career to graduate from. Civil engineers have many fields to work in, which is a benefit for different kind of people who want to become one. A student who does not enjoy being surrounded by nature is not able to work outdoors in any construction sites, but he or she still has the possibility of working indoors at offices. Students need to be conscious of their personal attributes and qualities, and they will know which civil engineering’s specialties they will fit in. (“What is Civil Engineering?”)

Becoming a civil engineer does not only depend of taking classes and passing tests. The process to graduate does not only involves knowledge, but needs to be combined with attitude and self-characteristics, such as self-discipline. Students have to be able to go through college developing cognizance in the same degree as personal qualities. Many college students have a job, volunteer, and do hobbies while studying. Self-discipline is the most important aspect to consider and to contribute to a person´s achievements and happiness. Whether in terms of studies, work, personal interests, self-discipline is the number one trait needed. Civil engineers must be disciplined in the way they work, respecting deadlines, doing work on time, following plans and accomplishing specific tasks. Students having problems with previous requirements may need to realize that when becoming a civil engineering people around them will be affected by how they will perform their rolls as professional engineers.

Getting works done is the result of being a responsible, persisting and/or organized person. Having at least one of those qualities students may be sure about owning one of the most important aspects of becoming an engineer. Being self-responsible when becoming a civil engineer ensures not just a well done work, but also the safeness of people around. Significant works like lifting bridges, erecting buildings and building dams, take a lot of responsibilities. Civil engineers lead important projects that influence people´s lives. When something goes wrong or is done out of time –at a constructing field- severe consequences need to be faced and immediately amended, most of time in a very short period of time and under a lot of pressure.

When making specific plans students need to consider not only the career they want, but the skills, knowledge and attitude they possess and matches with the specialty chosen. Becoming a civil engineer requires the ability from students of to do what needs to be done, without external influence from other people or situations. A person with self-motivation can find a reason and strength to complete tasks, even when challenging without giving up or needing another to encourage them. Having in count self-characteristics and how they influence behavior and personal and professional life is worth when choosing and performing life career.

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