Self Discipline and Peace of Mind as Signs of Personal Strength

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  • Overpowering the Voice with Self Discipline
  • Mind - the Difficult Abstract Organ
  • Trusting Yourself

We find it uneasy to conveniently discard what is suggested from within us, especially at the level of addiction. This, at every point in life, affects our decision making, cum productivity. It tampers with our self-discipline, makes us break the goals already set, and the mind dictates what we do and when we do it. To be more factual, self-discipline is the only way out of this. It will make you conquer your indecisiveness.

Overpowering the Voice with Self Discipline

Like I said earlier, self-discipline is needed in your arsenal if you must defeat the voice in you. However, possessing this habit requires that one should have an internal desire, urge, and inspiration that supersedes the voice in you, and be able to control these desires and urges in a way that causes a progression towards your goals. There are entrepreneurs, celebrities, famous sportsmen, musicians, and well-known personalities out there, thriving in their different careers. These people have all achieved almost all they desired to; nevertheless, their achievements would be impossible if they couldn't dominate their inner voice. Their self-discipline is the sacrifice behind their success, and all we get to know and see is the outcome of their self-discipline. It is common to think they achieve all that 'so easily,' but know today that anyone anywhere who has achieved anything has done that in the reelection of his/her self-discipline. A wise man once said, 'When the battle is won in your mind, it is half done in reality.' This is something you would want to reflect on and agree with. Once you can be the boss of your thoughts, the effective decision-maker for your actions, the absolute administrator of what you do, you, therefore, have dominion over your mind. Then, you can literally resist any suggestion from the voice in you.

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I'll be more explicit here. Self-discipline is not just about constantly doing something. It is instead, about strategically controlling, correcting, and coping with your behavior in line with the conditions and situations of your life to make it a new attitude. It is, therefore, essential in teaching yourself to abide by a specific set of protocols, rules, and standards that can assist you in tailoring your decisions to the task you are executing. Having known this, you must see and learn the value of self-discipline. And how developing it will not only improve your productivity but will also boost your self-esteem. This, in turn, helps you maintain your focus and dedication on any goal you set for as long as you aim.

For self-discipline to be achieved, it is necessary that we first exercise discipline on our inner voice. We are a projection of our inner mind. Every action that we take and the decisions that we make are all results of our inner voice. Our inner voice is more powerful than we can ever imagine. It can change one's well-planned decision even at the last second. This is why it is crucial that we learn to restrain our minds and the decisions it spurs us to make. The only way this is achievable is by learning self-discipline to dominate the you in you. Get off the trap of second thought, which suddenly leads to change of mind, get yourself some new goals, and operate in the healthy habit of resisting any unexpected temptation that might come to your path.

Mind - the Difficult Abstract Organ

The process of making logical decisions can be frustrating and annoying sometimes. Human beings have different and various needs and desires that we want to be executed one after the other. This results in what we term as indecision or indecisiveness. Indecision is the inability to decide on a course of action, especially if one or more possibilities exist. Many times, humans have to go through the process of making up our minds over one or more possible courses of action, but we are unable to due to the inability to win the war against our minds. The result of this is that it either leads to the decision to quit or procrastination on whatever action that should have been taken.

However, to increase productivity, you must have been emerged as the winner against your mind. Once the war against our mind has been won, the path to mastering self-discipline has been set, and productivity seems cheaper. The mind and the sub-conscious are very powerful tools that control humans and the decisions we make, but as powerful as they are, they can also be made to bend to your control.

Several studies show that people who have well-polished self-control are more likely to be happier and more successful with their lives because they spend less time debating on what to and what not to do at a particular time. There are a few essential steps we must take in the bid to learning to control the mind and winning over the inner voice.

Trusting Yourself

You have to believe in your capabilities. Make up your mind and tell yourself that you can do it. Believe you are capable of disciplining yourself without breaking the rules and procrastinating, be self-confident. Research has revealed that people who strongly believe that their minds are resistible are more likely to have control over their inner voice than those who see their procrastination as constant and irresistible. Another study by Stanford University exposed that the level of your willpower is predetermined by your belief in self. It is advisable you frequently take your mind back to the promises you made to yourself. You will, at a point, be tempted to go against your set goals, but having a frequent remembrance of what you have decided to do will guide you and make you more devoted to your words.  

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