Self-Driving Cars in Modern World

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Imagine driving and deciding to take a nap while you were driving and putting your car into autopilot and then taking a nap and then waking up to your destination. With the power of self-driving cars that is possible. The technology trend I choose for my research paper is Self-Driving Cars. First, we will ask the million-dollar question and answer what are self-driving cars? So, we can really understand what they are. Then I will discuss how they work and why people trust the self-driving function because I am undecided if I would trust a self-driving car. Then we will discuss the many features the car has. We will also talk about the pros and cons about self-driving cars. Next step is to talk about the concerns. Then I will say how I feel about self-driving cars. Finally end it with talking about the future of self-driving cars and see where they take us. Let’s jump right in and see if self-driving cars are the future.

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Time to answer the million-dollar question, what are self-driving cars? According to Self-driving cars, also known as (driverless cars) is a vehicle with sensors, cameras, radars, and artificial intelligence (AI) to travel to point A to B without a human operator. Many companies are developing self-driving cars including Audi, BMW, Ford, Google, General Motors, Tesla, Volkswagen and Volvo. Google’s test involved a fleet of self-driving cars — including Toyota Prii and an Audi TT — navigating over 140,000 miles of California streets and highways. Now we will talk about how they work and why people trust them. According to Self-driving cars work cause of the many sensors the car has so it could sense its environment, so it won’t hit anything or anyone. The car also has maps and localization so it knows where to go and know how fast the car should be going or know what lane they should be in and when they must turn so that no one gets hurt. I think the reason people trust the self-driving function is because it’s a computer and computers and machines almost never make mistakes and humans make mistakes every day. Even though the car has actually hit someone and killed someone on March 18, 2018 the technology for the car was down, which made it almost impossible for it to stop when the car saw her. According to Most accidences happen because of people second guessing and just not knowing how to drive, but a self-driving car knows how to drive and won’t second guess. According to . Most self-driving cars have most of these features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Automatic Forward-Collision Braking, Automatic Parking, Autopilot, Lane-Keep Assist, Sign Recognition, Steering Assist. Which makes self-driving cars so amazing because with all theses features, how is it possible to get into an accident. It seems impossible for anything to happen to these cars they even seem like the features are too good to be true. Now time to talk about something not a lot of people don’t like to talk about the pros and cons.

Now time for the pros and cons about self-driving cars. According to Some pros are that robots don’t get drunk. No more drunk driving or accidents. Robots don’t make mistakes and they also don’t get distracted. Self-driving cars are also economically friendly because they don’t run on gas. Another one is people don’t have good attention spans and I am guilty of that one. Drivers errors cause most of the accidents because of over correcting or anything like that. Now for the cons of self-driving cars. Jobs will vanish. Jobs like uber and lyft will go away because no need for drivers you have a self-driving car no need to pay someone to drive when all you got to do is make sure the car is 100%. Even though machines and computers are said to not make mistakes it will happen and when that happens, it will be bad because people are going to freak out the fact that something like machines are making mistakes and, on a road, where someone could die. Another con is that driving will then seem less special because as a teenager the only thing you want is your drivers license so you can be an adult and have the freedom but with self-driving cars it will ruin it because it type it in a computer and it takes you to your destination and no driving needed. Another con is being able to trust a self-driving car to follow the rules of the road in other states because one mistake can be the last mistakes you make. Next is to talk about the concerns A couple concerns of self-driving cars is that maybe it might do more harm than good that people think it will. Maybe a hacker gets into the car motherboard and makes you crash or if its glitches happens and you crash. All the loss of jobs if self-driving cars become a thing, no need for uber or any driver service, like its cars those companies will just use self-driving cars and it will be efficient and not have to worry about the person getting into an accident. Lastly, they are expensive and not a lot of people will have them. Now I will say how feel about self-driving cars. I personally think that if I had an opportunity to own one, I would totally own one. If I don’t have to drive and I can take a nap and sleep and set a destination to home and take thirty minutes and then wake up at home. Some people who don’t like driving like me-driving cars are the next big thing or for people who don’t know how to drive or do not know all the rules. I think that if they weren’t so expensive and I could buy one I would because of all the features that makes the car safer for you and everyone else.

Now it’s time to talk about the future of self-driving cars. According to Most people that have the money to be able to buy a self-driving car think they are the next big thing and will take over the world, but I have a weird feeling that will not be the case because if something bad happens in a self-driving car its going to go south because then everyone will think that it happens in every self-driving car and no one will trust them and it will take a lot to make everyone trust them. Another thing is the cost because not everyone is rich enough to buy a self-driving car because you might as well buy a house you would be getting your money’s worth rather than buying a self-driving car. So, besides the fact that they could be causing more harm than good, and the price self-driving cars might only be sold in certain places and sold to people with the money that can buy them. I don’t think that they will take over regular cars because too many people have regular cars and like the privilege of driving and the price of self-driving cars.

In conclusion, I think self-driving cars will impact the future in both a good and bad way. Old people will be affected by self-driving cars because of the new technology, but they will get the hang of it. Now that we know what self-driving cars, we have a better understanding of what they are and how they will impact the world we also know all the features that come with the car that makes the car safer or as they say. We went over the pros and cons to see if they are worth all the hype. We also talked about the concerns that will come with owning the cars. Finally, we talked about the future of self-driving cars and talked about how long they would last. My final opinion about self-driving cars I think they will change the way we live and how we get from point A to point B.   

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