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Self-expressing yourself through piercings might become risky when done improperly

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Piercings are currently considered one of the most socially acceptable forms of body modifications. With more than 25% of people currently sporting a piercing somewhere other than the ear lobe, more and more people are accepting the aversive world of piercings. As piercing is becoming more popular more and more tattoo parlors are beginning to offer piercing services, a multitude of incorrectly done piercings, improper jewelry use, infections, migrations and even sometimes hospitalization. While there is currently some kind of oversight for piercing studios, they are nowhere near as well regulated as tattoo parlors. While most people already have piercings, many do not realize what a good piercing environment is.

There are a lot of steps in the consideration process before even looking for a piercing studio; the most important one being is this going to negatively affect any part of your life. If you’re going to lose your job over this piercing then maybe it isn’t the right time to get it or maybe you should get it in a different place. Another important thing everyone needs to consider is “do I have the time and effort to put into keeping it clean.” The average piercing has a 50 percent chance of getting infected from lack of aftercare and with infection there is a chance for scarring and body disfigurement. Finally is this something that I really want to get. When you take the jewelry out in 5 years, it’s going to scar, no matter how well you took care of it, it’s going to scar. It was an open wound and it’s going to scar beginning and end of it. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. I had a cartilage piercing done at age 18 at an unsanitary piercing studio, it was infected within a week and when I took it out I truly believed that it wouldn’t scar. I was wrong. I know have two bubbles of scar tissue on my ear. It’s going to scar if you take it out. No matter when you take it out. IT WILL SCAR.

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So after the consideration process is over and you know exactly what you want it’s time to pick a piercing studio! First of all talk to people you know who have WELL DONE body piercing. If they say that the place they went too was good then maybe it worth checking out, they don’t say anything positive then don’t bother. This piercing is where you the infection can initially start so the place that is chosen should be clean sanitary and preferably American Association of Piercing professionals certified. Once everyone has gathered all the information of quality piercers, go to the studio and scope out the piercer and piercing studio. A good studio will have an array of jewelry to insure that every single person’s body type is represented and can be treated with the proper jewelry. A good piercer will always tell you if the piercing is even doable on your body type. They aren’t there just to make money they are there to help you make informed decisions.


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