Self-falsifying in the Age of Technology

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In an age where technology is rapidly advancing, people are finding new ways of falsifying themselves in order to deceive the federal system. Fake ID’s are a prominent way of tricking the system, and because of this, it’s brought harm upon the federal system as a whole. In 2005, the Real ID Act was passed in light of the 9/11 attacks along with other measures to strengthen national security. Beginning in October of 2020, all forms of identification must be in compliance with the new rules. While a driver’s license will still be considered a form of identification, the act will implement a change in the way they’re supposed to look as well as a stricter way to obtain them. Along with a new look, this act will make “securing fake ID’s more difficult” (CSNMonitor 1). For all driver’s licenses and ID’s, the new documents must contain a “common barcode” to “prohibit any tampering with or counterfeiting of the card, and must…[have] a star…signifying that your identification has been approved by the TSA” ( 1).

Other acceptable forms of identification, according to the Transportation Security Administration, will be passports, a Real-ID driver’s license, permanent resident cards, border crossing cards, and so on (1). Under these new rules, security measures will have a tighter hold on hostile forces who wish to bring harm to the U.S. The Real ID Act is a needed change for the United States. With the world housing terrorists in various places around the world, the residents of the United States have much unrest. The unrest dating back to the event of 9/11. These 19 hijackers attacked a vulnerable United States whose security measures weren’t as strong as an uppercase, lowercase password.

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In fact, in earlier decades, flying seemed like a leisure. In the 1970s, there were piano lounges. In 1980, smoking was allowed along with vast amounts of alcohol. Children could even visit the cockpit (INSIDER 1). However, once 9/11 occurred, air travel in the United States drastically changed with the creation of Transportation Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security, and the Real ID Act, among others. Why the 19 hijackers were able to bypass security can be pointed to a number of reasons. Many of these individuals possessed a numerous amount of fake ID’s raging from Florida to Wisconsin, fraudulent These individuals were skilled in the aspect of fake ID’s. It’s no surprise that terrorists who come from different parts of the world have a system of rigid training to help them accomplish their deeds.

To Judith Collins, a Michigan State professor, “The al-Qaida training manual includes provisions for trainees to leave camp with five fake personas. Terrorists are regularly schooled in…credit card fraud (NBCNews)

  1. The hijackers even used their real names when boarding the planes which didn’t point to anything out the ordinary when walking through security (Johnathan Stull NBCNews)
  2. Because driver’s licenses are a prominent form of confirming someone’s identity, it can be concluded that it’s the most “unreliable way to identify a person” (NBCNews)
  3. That is why this change in the Real Act is needed.

9/11 is one of the prime examples of how dangerous fake ID’s can be, and how manipulative people can be as well. This Real Act sets a new standard in pinpointing people’s identities.

As aforementioned above, the repercussions of 9/11 resulted in security measures being drastically changed. The affected persons of this was the entire United States of America. The first mistake was that a driver’s license is the main way to identify someone. Even now, in this day and age, there’s all kinds of technology to replicate buildings, sculptures, people, and in this case, legal documents. The fact that these people trained for something like this further proves why this act’s new rules is needed. Mistake number two was in fact the leisure when it came to security. I don’t mean that security let them walk freely wherever they went, but it was weak enough that they seemed like ordinary people.The conclusion is that capitalizing on fake ID’s is just one of the building blocks to the United States security foundation. There’s an endless amount of methods to do just about anything in this world. While no place on Earth is completely safe from harm, taking extra safety measures in order to keep the public safe is better safe than sorry. Living in the aftermath of 9/11, the future can only hold an advanced society. However, the United States must be ready to face terrorism no matter how subtle their tactics may be.

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