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Never Give Up

I’m sitting here in the couches by the lake in back of the art museum next to Vicky bakery. I am surrounded by an empty outside patio filled with couches. It is not like most days, it is kind of quiet today, The only thing I can hear is the water from the lake moving as a family of ducks passes by and hundreds of students stomping as they pass by me back and forth. There is one thing that made me stop for a second and think, I overheard some students passing by me talking about their first semester in college. It made me think about some things I have learned so far but If there is anything new that I have really learned since starting my journey at Florida international university, it is to never give up. Because once you fall, it will be harder to get back up again. We have all struggle at one point or another. Every now and then we see ourselves having our own ups and downs, but life is full of challenges that we must be able to overcome to see what tomorrow may have in store for us. This makes me think back at the night before my SATS I had been studying for months , but that night before the test I was so stressed out that I was letting it get the best of me I had started to think I could not do it and that I could not get a good score on the test, I was setting myself up for failure. Entering college has given me a reality check on who I am and where I want to be in the future. It has made all the challenge’s I have had to overcome just to be here worth it in every single way possible. I can remember it like it was yesterday, I had to face many challenges such as maintaining my grades and GPA , getting amazing test scores, and keeping the family legacy and getting into fiu .Unlike my other sibling’s I was not the best student during my high school years I used to slack a lot on my assignments all I would look forward was to going to cheer practice after school which ended up becoming a problem because my grades and GPA started to go down. But I did not realize it until my second semester of my senior year. I thought it was late already for me to be able to get my grades and GPA back up, but I started asking my teachers if I could do any makeup work just so I can bring up my grades my teachers new I was a good student and decided to help me out and give me makeup work. A few weeks later my grades and my GPA were back up. I used to think high school was hard to keep up with until I got into college. After graduating high school, no one really prepares you for college. Many kids do not think really fantasize about going back to school once they are done with high school. Yet I have always wanted to go to college ever since I was a little girl. In my mind, everything was picture perfect I had good grades and still had the same friends I have had all my life. In reality, college has been very challenging for me. No one tells you about the adjustments you have to face to become a successful college student. In fact, to say that freshman year started easy would be a lie. I feel that there is a constant pressure for me to strive for perfection , which was one of the challenges I faced back in high school and now in college.

‘Me And My Shadow’

Some of the challenges I think I would be facing in college is how you suddenly get so much freedom to do whatever you want. You get the choice of going to class or not to go to class, or the choice of going to an event or studying, or deciding to work on a project, doing your readings, or going to sleep. You cannot slack off like I used to do in high school. In college its super easy to bring down your GPA and super hard to bring it back up. I believe there are many challenges you face as a first and second year college student. One of the hardest challenges I have faced is wanting to go out and have fun,rather than studying, in other words, I lack time management skills. I am going to have to learn how to manage my time better or when finals week starts to approach, I will be going crazy trying to learn everything covered all semester in a week. College really is nothing like high school and that’s something I have to get used to sooner or later. I got through all the challenges that I had to face here and all though the really hard ones were not mentioned in my essay does not mean I did not have a lot of challenges and hard times getting to where I am today but I am grateful for everything that challenged me to be here because if I did not have any challenges I would not be so grateful. With this in mind, I want to say that we all live in a world where anything can become possible. Looking back at the past will do you no justice we must all focus on the present and what is truly in front of us. I am at peace with myself and think everything I faced and did was worth it. Everyone has a story to tell on how they got here F.I.U or any other school they might be in.

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We All faced challenges weather they were good or bad it got us to where we wanted to be. College is a whole new ball game with new challenges and experiences we just need to get used to them and learn how to manage are times and put are studies before going to a party or out with friends. We need to learn that there is a fine line between enjoying college functions and going out to parties or anything else that might come up. We are in college there are always going to be parties or functions going on that I am going to want to go to and that is when I have to really learn how to manage my time and think about what is more important. If there is anything the first couple assignments, we did in this class have taught me is to manage my time and have a good mindset. College is going to be a whole new experience in my life, and I can’t want to share it with you guys. With that in mind I’m going to leave it at this, You and only you can change your destiny and the true question to ask here is, “Which path do you choose to take…the road less traveled or the one taken by most?”


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