Self-leadership Strength and Development Opportunity

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Along with the very process of exploring it, we are also going to identify the processes needed to evolve the leadership quality via the developing as well as enforcing various kinds of different strategies. All this would result in improving the all over performance level in a specific span of time which would get followed by a goal setting worksheet. The goal of this project is also to chart out the greatest number of the objective following which would lead us in achieving the goal. So the identification of the kinds of barriers that one would face while trying to achieve those goals is very important. Along with these, the identification of the rationale of the very goal is also another factor of utmost importance.

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The rationale to set up the goal:In the human resource management, it has been observed that some of the cases could be handled with a high-efficiency rate; on the other hand, few of them could not perform in the manner by which they were expected to perform. In the long-term leadership practice, it is superbly important to keep track of all kinds of aspects and to keep the subordinates satisfied as well as motivated (Rasmussen, 2018).

They also are needed to be convinced by the manager to follow the decision strategies of the company and to abide by them with an affirmative mindset. In the long practice of the evolution of the effective leadership, by closely observing many evidence-based practices, it would be found that the processes of delegations and of personal intervention with the other employees and subordinates reflect what it takes for accomplishing a given task or project. The positive attitude of the leader or the rightful intervention of the manager in a project work would help the other team members to make the working environment much more competitive and positive (Opengart and Germain, 2018).

The rightful explanation ability along with the proper evaluation of the requirements and also the performance process to the subordinates helps in enhancing the project quality and all over work quality. Hence the role of the team leader and the manager plays an important role in the increasing the efficiency of the company. If the manager or the people responsible for guiding the whole team himself or herself lacks the abilities to inspire and show the right path to the rest of the team then it sure leads in deterioration of the allover efficiency of the company, which would result in less completion of the projects in a perfect way (Clarke, 2018). It would then result in lowering the profits of the company and thus would lower the growth rate of the company. Hence, it is very much important for the companies to hire and keep manager suitable for the job role as the future of the company could get affected owing to a bad decision in this case. So, the failure of the manager to lead the team as a whole result in the failure of the all-around management which is also responsible for the affirmative outcome from the job placement activities. In many cases, it had been found that the managers show no enthusiasm to develop their skills of leadership which ultimately restrict the performance of not only the manager but also of the subordinates (McCarthy, 2018).

This issue is found to develop partially due to the lack of the ability due to the reluctance of the company and also due to lack of right training programs availability. Along with all the lack of the evaluation program of the managerial leadership quality of the company to control the followers is a major problem. Research has also shown that most of the employees at the initial phase are not aware of their full potential and hence tend to be confident (Ramseur et al. , 2018). The role of the manager thus become crucial in this aspect because it is in this instances that the manager should try to aspire and motivate the subordinates and try to get the best out of them by evolving their confidences and self-belief in a positive manner. So the manager and the team leader plays a role of utmost importance hence the companies need to focus more on training their manager to evolve their leadership skills more which would result in improving the job efficiency of the company and would benefit the company in the long race. So these study possesses a high significance that is to be performed for the development of the skills followed by a number of other different stages.

The rightful interactions with the employees not only helps in making the effective decisions but also helps in knowing their understanding and mind frame for dealing with certain portions of the project. The team management, in general, is responsible for the interaction between the subordinates and the higher authorities. I myself have faced a lot of conflicts between the employees that have resulted in disturbing the team spirit. It is true that true leadership qualities are mostly found to be an inborn feature. However, it is of utmost need for the companies to identify the right suitable candidates for the managerial role that have got the ability of managing people in a smooth way and is standing beside them and boosting their work efficiency in times of need (Ko et al. , 2018). Then the companies should also undertake certain courses and seminars that would result in evolving those already present the leadership abilities of the team leaders and managers, as these would directly benefit the company.

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