Ways to Develop Self-management Skill


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Managing Oneself


Self-management, also known as “self-control” or “self-regulation”. is the ability to effectively regulate a person’s emotions, thinking, and behaviors in different situations. It involves setting goals and managing time. Cultivating your motivation and concentration skills will help you overcome the temptation of procrastination. Effective management skills will help you avoid stress and easier to solve problems. The key skill of self-management is regulation. Self-regulation refers to the individual’s supervision, control and guidance on all aspects of their own learning.

Objectives of Project

Managing oneself skills are very important because a good management skills will make you easier to work or solve your problems. With these skills, you will have the opportunity to work better and have a better chance of success. In this project, we would tell you how to managing yourself.

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Identify personal and professional priorities.

Identify some of the concepts of time management, stress management and anger management.

Analyze problems and challenges, then list various alternatives to solve them.

Learn how to control and motivate yourself.


Time Management

There are many important things in our lives, and we should learn how to prioritize. Therefore, self-management skills are very important because it gives us an idea of ​​what we need most and how we should divide our time.

For example you can list your tasks. Before you work, write all your work what is important and urgent in the list so that you know what task are important or urgent and do it first.

Stress Management

Stress management is important for us. It may have a positive or negative impact on people’s mental and physical health. Stress also can motivate you so we need to learn how to manage our stress.

You can manage our stress by relax. For example you can try to listen calm and soft music. Music really makes you feel relaxed and happy.

Take a break for yourself. Please don’t try to do all the work at once and try to rest when you are stressful.

Anger Management

Anger is the basic human emotion that everyone has experienced. Usually caused by emotional damage, anger usually manifests as an unpleasant feeling when we think we are hurt, abused, opposed in our long-held views.

Breathe deeply when you are angry until you feel that you have regained control.

Go to exercise because maintaining a regular exercise program can also help you adjust your mood.

Motivate Yourself

To do what needs to be done without being affected by other people or situations. Self-motivated people can find the reasons and strength to complete the task, even if they are challenged, they will not give up or need others to encourage them.

Setting goals is very important and is a key factor in developing self-management skills. It motivate us and pushes us to do our best. They are the best form of management because we can use our time constructively.

Every time you achieve a goals reward yourself.

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