Self-Reflection About My Working Environment

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Self-Reflection About My Working Environment

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As human beings became civilized, people started doing things in a systematic way. Later on, Industrialization resulted in the process of training employees, addressing their needs, Overlooking into the workplace culture as employees from different background together tried to achieve a common goal with the team effort. It was always important to solve dispute resolving around whether it’s in a workplace or in a family. Together all this resulted in good human relation.

After my graduation in Business studies, I started working for an Asset Management Company. I have been an observer all my life. So, I got soon familiarized with some skills that are practiced in most of the companies. It is simply basics of a business and I started to call it ‘Skill of Interaction’. These include leadership, communication, decision making, and negotiating, counseling and conceptual skills. When I got joined, the company used its resources to develop these skills in employees as it is required to thrive in the cooperate world. Nowadays most of the MNC’s as well as smaller firms use this in the process of recruitment. Such that, it becomes the main objective of the HR department.

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To my views and beliefs, during the course of one's career even if a person able to do best at what he/she is doing. They will find themselves in the certain situation which is difficult to manage. It is not because they are inefficient or ineffective in implying their perspective work module. But sometimes it’s difficult to manage customers due to stress conditions. Some of the factors that I found difficult to cope up with was chest pain caused by long hours of office work, indigestion, Irregular heartbeat, hair loss, neck and body pain. I also heard from my friends working in IT department the type of work they do will result in quick aging. As senior managers and the board knows, the performance of the company depend on the efficiency of workers as it directly affects productivity, they are adopting new techniques and procedure to keep the employees active and in stress relief mood. One such practice that was followed in my company was the weekend lunch and break hours during works. It will be for a short time but it helped many of us to relax and make a time for chit-chat.

In my service I used to see different department carry out work in fashionable ways, one of it was the target system that is adopted by top management for manufacturing sectors and sales executives dealing with products or services for profit maximization. Then performance is measured on the basis of meeting these criteria. Since companies to take a top market position they started ignoring the feelings of people like me. It created a perspective in the mindset of employees that they are just a tool for business. So it is necessary to build self-confidence in the mind of employees, i.e. they are the cornerstone of the whole system.

Considering me even if there was too much work pressure, the senior manager in my company was experienced and provided me with all the comfort, safety, and support that I needed. I always felt that he continuously tried to generate self-respect in his subordinates mind by assuring promotion, high salary pay scale, and bonus etc. and when it comes to self-esteem is always a personality trait, so developing personal value and sense of self-worth is earth shaking. So I believe by having a sound and friendly working environments like the one I had, people can actually, communicate and share their ideas mutually if there is no discrimination of age, gender, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity. On the other hand, in many cases, these become barriers and the people have to overcome the issues in the workplace.

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