Self-Reflection on Plagiarism and Modern Pirates

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Self-Reflection On Plagiarism And Modern Pirates

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Table of Contents

  • Time Management to Avoid Plagiarism
  • Giving Credit to Original Sources
  • Correct Interpretation to Avoid Plagiarism
  • Impact of Piracy and Plagiarism
  • Conclusion

Time Management to Avoid Plagiarism

Firstly, as a university student, I should manage my time properly. This is because plagiarism might occur when I delayed an assignment and in the end I will choose the easiest to finish it. So, I would do anything such as plagiarize someone’s work to complete my assignment. Besides, I should do some research about the topic given to complete my assignment. Through reading, I can complete my assignment using my own words and will understand more about the topic given before I start to do the assignment.

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Giving Credit to Original Sources

Secondly, I should always mention or give credits to the original writer or speaker in my assignment. This shows that I did some research about the topic given and be a responsible person to acknowledge their ideas or work. By mentioning or giving credits to the original writer, it shows that I have done an appropriate research based on the topic given and approached my work ethically. Thus, it will add to my own credibility as a student. Besides, anyone who wants to find more information about my research, they can search it easily as I mentioned where they came from.

Correct Interpretation to Avoid Plagiarism

Thirdly, I should read a text carefully before using it in my assignment or research. This is to ensure the source will not be interpreted into the wrong context or meaning. By reading it repeatedly, we will be able to understand and write the text using our own words without changing the meaning of the context or text. Thus, this will avoid any misunderstanding and providing the wrong information to the reader. In addition, we will understand about the topic given and be able to explain it if the lecturer or instructor ask about our assignment.

Impact of Piracy and Plagiarism

Next, I would not buy cheap pirated item on the streets. As I doing this research, I realize that recopied DVDs that were sold cheap will affects the film’s profit. The manufacturers of the film will not be able to recover the costs of production and distribution. Although the pirated items were sold in much more cheaper price than the market, we should not buy because this will affect a company’s profit and reputation. According to an article in The Star Online on 11 November 2015, titled “RM 1.8 million fakes and pirated discs destroyed”, illegal DVDs, counterfeit branded goods and cooking oil worth about RM1.8 million were disposed by the Penang Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Department. Mohd Nawardi Saad, the department director, said although the sale of the pirated DVDs had declined but they were unable to fully stop the pirated discs industry. Besides, most of the Malaysian bought fake branded goods such as T-shirts, pants, shoes, glassses and telephone accessories.


There are many problems that lead to plagiarism among student or worker. Plagiarism is a big problem because it is considered as a cheating. Due to easy access to the Internet and lots of information can be obtained easily, plagiarism happened due to certain reason. As a university student, we should avoid plagiarism in our research and assignment and do some research on the related topic before we submit to the lecturer or instructor.

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