Self Reflection, Strengths and Weaknesses in the Mission Statement

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MBTI can be a vital tool in companies and establishments who look to improve their employee’s performance by understanding personality types. As a manager, assembling teams that can work together and collaborate most effectively and efficiently with least conflict is one of the essential goals. Knowing their personality type shows you how each member of the team like to work and with who, and help you motivate and manage the team. Reading my MBTI profile was an eye-opening for me, going through the test result and see how the personality type description is quite detailed and informative blast my mind with ideas that suit my personality, also can help me immensely in reaching balance, success, and confidence.

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Understanding myself made me think about my reactions, relationships, struggles, and jobs. Deciding to be a family physician and being in my private clinic with flexible appointments was my dream, also, building good and long relationships between patients and their family physician is what I am looking for. Furthermore, Public health awareness campaigns and meeting people in person is one of my goals and by Knowing that my personality type can’t shine in strict regimentation and using their exceptional social perception to find out what makes people tick explains a lot. Completing the mission-building activity made me think about what were my dreams, and did it come true or not, also; know the reasons behind failing to achieve what I dreamt of. It helped me drive change to make the higher performance. 

It is interesting how mission-building activity gives a perception of my “future self” and assist me in getting my own motivation. A personal mission statement guides you and provide you with a sense of direction without it, you cannot move toward revealing your goals. Knowing my weaknesses and strengths areas is equally important, my weaknesses are what hold me back from achieving my goals, and overcoming my limitations is the key to success. On the other hand, focusing on my strengths can open opportunities and increase self-confidence, enthusiasm and overall performance. Thus, exploit my strengths and manage my weakness together can help to achieve my goals. Leadership and management skills are vital to succeed and achieve goals and objectives. Having the ability for abstract thinking, formulating ideas and planning is a crucial aspect in health awareness campaigns, being a good leader can lead the whole team to cooperate and do their best. 

Challenges I encountered in the past in working with others was inability to adapt in restricted and controlled workplace, and want to be seen as highly self-determining of my own fates. When it comes to perceiving ideas and starting projects, I can’t be gladder to share and explore new ideas. However, following through on projects steps is a struggle for me, it’s challenging to maintain focus on the project when start to become a routine, my practical skills need improving. Working with a team and be on time as planned is another tussle to meI get stressed easily since I overthink things and I can’t handle the detailed work. Moreover, being in a very constrained workplace with many paperwork and finding myself overwhelmed by the administrative tasks make me miserable. While I enjoy being surrounded by people and social events, I find it hard to balance my social life and my work tasks; also, that’s mean I have to say no to people I care about to keep up the work tasks. To address such challenges in the future I must focus on my strengths that can bring opportunity instead of problems, excel my personal strengths areas will keep me ahead of a lot of things.  

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