Self Reflective Essay on Life Changing Experience of Working in a Team in the Worshop

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Description
  • Feelings
  • Evaluation
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion
  • Action plan


In this self evaluating essay the main task is to reflect on how participation changed my approach to teamwork within the workshop. I found the workshop was beneficial and interesting. To provide a coherent structure to my essay, I will use Gibbs’ 1988 reflection model.


A team is a small number of individuals associated in some joint activity with a strong, deep seated, common sense of purpose. In the workshop, we were divided into teams. Each team had participants with different backgrounds and interests. We ensured that there was a clear sense of purpose, clear communication, collaboration, encouraging different opinions, using ideas efficiently, having fun, all the while maintaining a positive atmosphere. This helped us to make distinctive contributions to the team. These approaches gave us a sense of belonging and we worked together on different activities. Teamwork allows us to learn from others and about ourselves.

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Although I was relatively quiet at the start of workshop however I slowly became comfortable as time went on. I performed better when we collaborated and exchanged ideas. They listened carefully to my ideas, asked questions for clarification and supported me in developing my creativity. All members had a positive attitude towards the workshop, it was kind of refreshing and helped me focus on the activities.


It was a great experience to work with my team. From this teamwork experience, I strongly feel the importance of teamwork. Teamwork helps to bring quality ideas and goal achievement. The tasks gave me an opportunity to connect with a variety of people.


My experience with this group was that we developed good decision making processes and mutually agreed on the conclusion. In task one, we collectively agreed upon qualities that make good leaders. Furthermore, during the task one, I noticed how everyone treated each other with respect. On the other hand, everyone faced trouble in understanding each other’s language and/or accent, however we were able to manage it by listening carefully. Talking about the task two, ‘counting squares’, team members individually ended up with wrong answers, however when we counted squares in a team, surprisingly, we came up with the correct answers. “The strength of the team is each individual member” .


In conclusion, by maximizing individual strengths and minimizing individual weakness, any team can achieve their given tasks. In the future, these teamwork activities and interaction with my team members will help me to coordinate and participate much better.

Action plan

I believe I will be a good team player in the future. For me, teamwork consists of hard work, commitment, sacrifice and dedication. I want to be a valuable asset to my future team by delivering what I have promised. By being a good team member and working effectively, I feel many new opportunities will open up for me. This will generate a higher level of creativity and productivity. In this way, I feel I will be beneficial to my team in the future.

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