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A modern day hero could be anyone. I am going prove that to you by using the Sorcerer’s apprentice, the cave collapsing, and the Florence hurricane. Some people would look at a homeless person and say they could not be a hero cause their dirty or unshaven. But they could be a hero. Someone could have dropped their wallet and they picked it up and returned it. That could be a hero. The main thing is thata hero needs to be selfless.

In the Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Jon Turteltaub, it show selflessness a lot. Dave would be the hero because he had save Balthazar’s life by catching the knifes. (Jon Tureltuab). He did it without thinking. Dave had Balthazar life in his mind not his. (Jon Tureltuab). He could have been attacked by the bad guys but he did not care he wanted to be their for Balthazar. (Jon Tureltuab). Then everything went wrong and Morgana was released. Dave was going to fight in the battle but pulled over to let becky out cause he wanted her to be safe. (Jon Tureltuab). Dave thought I love her so I should let her out so she can live and not die. (Jon Tureltuab). He had a selfless thought to put his life in danger and not hers. (Jon Tureltuab). Then Balthazar had died and dave had saved his life by doing CPR and bringing him back to life. (Jon Tureltuab). Dave was upset that he had died so he had done a selfless act to bring him back to life. (Jon Tureltuab). Dave was a hero because he had don selfless acts to help others.

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During the summer the was a cave that got flooded. There was a soccer team that had gotten trapped 2. 5 miles underground. (Chris Morris). People had come and to help them. The seal team had went down to delivery them food, water, blankets, and first aids. They had risk their life to do this for those people. (Chris Morris). The trip they had to take was very dangerous. Elon Musk had taken time out of his day to help those kids. He had made things that could be used to get those kids out safely. (Chris Morris). He did not have to do that he could have very easily just said that it not my problem I do not know them. Then 1000 Army and Navy members had volunteered to help those kids. (Chris Morris). They Were not told go do this they volunteered. They had thought about the kids in the cave and wanted to help them. All of these people had show selflessness. (Chris Morris). They had all shown signs of being a hero. They had not been thinking about them self. They had the best interest of others in their mind.

There’s this hurricane called Florence hurricane. It has brought selflessness out of lots. People have risk their own lifes to help others. Civilian Crisis Response had saved three kids so far. That does not sound like a lot but that 3 more that are saved then their would have been if they did not help. (Ray Sanchez). They had went into dangerous places to help those kids. They had shown selflessness because they could have not worried about them and just left them but they did not. Then an ex military man had gotten a military car to go around and save people and get them to safety. (Ray Sanchez). He did not have to do this he could have just been I need to be safe they can worry about himself but he did not he had thought to help and save people. (Ray Sanchez). Then there was a guy named Robert who had saved his cat. That does not sound like that much but it is. He could have left it their to die but no he had gotten it. (Ray Sanchez). He knew that if he saved it has a high chance of living. He showed selflessness differently. Many people would think that you have to help someone to be selfless but no you could save an animal too. Animals have feelings too. That cat might find him as a hero.

All of these people are heros. They might have done different things but they are. They had shown selflessness in the time of need. These people had come together in the time of need to help others. They all could have just helped themselves or just not have help but they did. They had risked their own lifes to help other and that make them a hero.

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