Separation of Church and State


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In a world where your every action is watched and governed. You are told what to wear, what to say, what to do, who to believe in, and where to go. Is a world where a lot of hate would start. Despite not believing in the culture, you must go by it, and if you do not, you could be put into jail or even killed. This is what it would be like if we let the government interfere with our lives as Catholics. Having the government rule us is not a great idea. There wouldn’t be any space for other religions and people will always split. Like a teacher once told me there are two things never to discuss with people who don’t think like your religion and politics those two topics alone cause many arguments and lots of separation so just imagine them combined. I strongly believe that government and religion are better left alone and here are my points there wouldn’t be room for diversity, it is not stopping anything, and everything would just be chaotic. As Catholics, our goal is to try to get people to heaven not to force our belief on them.

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That is why I strongly believe that the government and the lives of Catholics shouldn’t be combined. With the government controlling our lives a lot of mistakes, jealousy, hate, and separation will begin to form. It isn’t the church’s business to make laws and it isn’t the business of the law to try to take over the Church. There aren’t a lot of Catholics that run for president so just imagine how many things would be changed over time. The church can’t make laws and laws can’t make the church. America is considered the land of the free. Meaning people can choose what to follow not meaning that they can choose to follow the law but that they can choose what they want to be considered and what they want to be their beliefs.

Making the government and the Catholic religion be combined is not going to stop what people want to believe in. Crimes will still happen, world hate will still be a thing, racism will still be a major problem, abortions will still happen, and gays will still be together. So why waste your time if it’s not benefiting anyone? If nothing will change it’s hopeless despite it changing a few problems more problems will arise. As Catholics, we believe that we should love one another and we aren’t truly loving one another if we are trying to change their ideas. They can get to heaven even if we don’t force them into being catholic. In the catholic religion, marriage is defined as a unity between a man and a woman. Before church and government were joint gays could marry, so what would happen to them, would they be forced to divorce, or will they be ok and they just not allow for any more gay marriages? Although we may not believe in many of the things that the government says it doesn’t mean for us to try to have such power.

Not everyone believes in the same thing, and because religion is one and politics is another it can cause many problems and start chaos. In a country where people are forced to believe in something that they don’t want to believe in or don’t know why they should believe in it, no one can be happy. In a religious-run country, we would not be able to synchronize because our ignorance would cause us to hate the unknown and judge the different. Men, women, and children would become brainwashed to think in one way.

In conclusion, a religion-run country is not an excellent idea. People all have different ideas in one way or another even some Catholics feel as though abortions are fine while others do not. Diversity is what makes us unique and for all of us to have to think the alike things will be very chaotic.          

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