Serena Williams: Are People Discriminated Against because of Their Sex?


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Are we still in a time period where people are discriminated against because of their sex? In the past, women had fewer rights compared to men, but now things are so different and woman have gained equal rights to men and have attained success in various fields. There should be no question of whether or not women should play sport, and in my work today, I shall aim to convince my reader that women are every bit as entitled to play sport as men.Great women have often not been well-known because society did not wish them to be well-known. However, the general public are now well acquainted. To give an example, Serena Williams, an example of women athletes, has made huge impacts on tennis.

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To give some brief information about her, Serena WIlliams is an American professional tennis player, who’ve have mustered myriad of trophies. Recently, she has became ‘flavor of the month’. What happened was, Serena Williams was given a code violation warning for coaching after the referee claimed that her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, gave her hand signals . After that, she was showing her anger by smashing her racket to the ground and verbally abusing the referee, calling the referee a thief; what she is stating is that there were many males verbally abusing the referee but they weren’t punished, while Serena Williams ,a female, received a penalty. She related this situation to sexism. Moreover, Serena mentions that she will fight for women’s rights and equality in sports. In Saudi Arabia, Physical activities used to be forbidden in schools because of religious reasons.

According to a survey conducted from Washington University, diabetes spread rate reached 13.4 percent in Saudi Arabia. 14.8 percent are males and 11.7 percent are females.Fortunately, the country decided to abolish this law allowed women to have the chance to play sport in school. If this law wasn’t abolished, I can speculate that the rate of women having diabetes in Saudi Arabia will be constantly ascending While I was researching this survey, I was first surprised that Saudi Arabian women were not allowed to play sport, and was surprised again to notice that the rate of diabetes in Saudi Arabia is quite high. For my country, South Korea, there are no laws that prohibit women from doing physical activities and I remember having PE lessons together with the girls. Even though, there were huge physical gap between male and female, the PE lesson with the girls weren’t too bad. After playing together, I became more intimate with the girls. From doing physical activities, one can not only lessen the chance of having various diseases but also have fun while playing sport.

Here are the specific repercussion of playing sport on health. Playing sport can help you in weight management, growth of muscles, and relieve stress. Specifically, relieving stress is very important because stress can either attenuate or cause certain diseases: heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. These 3 are virulent diseases that can kill you, so it’s better to eradicate the cause of these diseases at the start. Another benefit of playing sports is it helps your social life and attitude. Since majority of the sports are played with a large number of people, one can learn how to work as a team to accomplish or to win matches. And this skill can help you in school when you have group projects in a group. And playing sports can help you to get used to the system of discipline. There are rules in sports. For example, in football, when a player fouls the opponent, the referee gives either just a warning or a yellow card, or even a red card. And the players try to follow the rules, and this situation is similar to the discipline inside school or even in your house.

In conclusion, I agree with girls playing sport and would support the propagation of women playing sport.Girls now have equal rights as boys, thus they have the right to play sport just like boys. And sports have myriad of benefits that can enhance both boys and girls in many ways.

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