Servant Leadership and Followership: Comparison and Contrast

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The purpose of this essay is to break down the difference between servant leadership and fellowship and examine the contrast and similarity. Servant leadership is known as one's motivation and desire to serve. Servant leader bases their lives to achieve a greater social good. A servant leader doesn't expect anything in return for the good they have done, but a desire to serve others motivates him or her. They usually focus on the needs of others before they consider their own. Servant leaders are empathetic to other people's perspectives and illustrate to them the support they need to meet to achieve a personal goal or a mission. They possess to engage their team positively and build a sense of community within their organization. This results in higher engagement, more trust, and stronger relationships with team members. Servant leadership is not a leadership style, but it's more of a way of life that one adapts overcome time.

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On the other hand, followership is the willingness to work towards accomplishing defined goals, while showing a high degree of interactive teamwork. Followership is the first step of leadership; you have to learn how to follow before you can lead effectively. We tend to focus more on leadership and forget about followership in general. Fellowship demonstrates the willingness to follow to ensure the leader fulfills his or her's obligation. The role of a follower is to lead in a specific aspect. Or to drive a particular project or task and to take the initiative. Followers have always given support and feedback to leaders; therefore, leaders can fulfill their job.

Servant leaders, in comparison with followership, can be similar because they both share one set goal. The servant-leader cannot carry out his or her job without followers. So both co-relate with each other the better the followers perform, the leaders can focus on making the team better. Some characteristics of a servant leader are to be Concerned for subordinates, Listening, and Empathy. Followers will perform to the fullest of their ability if they receive this kind of respect forms their supervisors. Followers will carry on the trait they learned as a follower to become great leaders.

 In conclusion to this essay, we broke down the differences between a servant leader and followership and how they co-relate with each other. Also, similarities and differences between both and how they tie into the leadership traits.

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