Service Above Self: the Philosophy of Nursing

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Personal values
  • Professional values
  • Alignment values
  • Nursing theory
  • Conclusion


Philosophy refers to outlined principles of how people in various places should work. Nursing philosophies describes how nurses are expected to conduct themselves in their career field (Mackintosh-Franklin, 2016). It outlines the core values nurses should uphold when dealing with patients.

Personal values

Personally, dedication, integrity and selflessness are the most important personal values I discern as a nurse. Being selfless has helped me attend to my patients passionately at any time when am needed. My devotion to my job has enabled me to play my role well and uphold integrity. Dedication means reporting to work on time and create some extra hours when need arises.

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Professional values

Caring is an important professional value in nursing. Since nurses deal with patient they are expected to show care, love and concern to them. Altruism is core value in nursing. Nurses should be kind so that they may be able to attend to patients’ needs. Additionally, I consider autonomy as an important value in nursing where nurses are given an opportunity to make decisions on their own.

Alignment values

Being a selfless nurse goes hand in hand with the altruism value since it’s only a selfless person who can be interested in the well-being of another person. Dedication in my job portrays the caring value that I am required to portray. Integrity enables me to comply with the autonomy value where I am allowed to make independent decisions that will affect my patients in some way. Integrity assists in making decisions that are right and of pure intentions even when no one is watching you.

Nursing theory

My personal belief system echoes the Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relations in nursing. The theory is based on building a healthy relationship between patients and nurses. It showcases anticipations of a nurse to adapt assisting patients during recovery process. In this theory, the nurse should be selfless and committed to build a good interpersonal relation with the patient.


Being a dedicated, selfless and a nurse of integrity, I hope to make a difference in the nursing profession by setting a good example to my colleagues that I may motivate them to possess the same values. By coming up with a policy describing professional values in nursing, both at work and in the community at large will mentor nurses in their career.

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