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Service Delivery: What It Takes For a Life-Saving Vaccine to Reach a Child, Adolescent Or Adult

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Many components must come together for effective and efficient service delivery – detailed planning, skilled managers and vaccinators, continuous supplies and logistics, costing assessments and communication and advocacy of the benefits of vaccination.

Vaccine supply, handling and management

District to develop monthly vaccine and logistics distribution costed plans and include them in their annual work plans. Train all facility staff in the district on vaccine management and storage as it is very paramount for effective immunization for example vaccines are required to be stored between +2 degrees centigrade to +8 degrees centigrade temperature at all times which is called cold chain. Procure gas cylinders for people Health workers in the district would also be trained on proper management of the vaccines by checking the proper date of manufacture to avoid using expiry drugs to vaccinate people.

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School based immuization

Vaccination in schools One of the objectives of the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) is to equitably extend the benefits of immunization to all children, adolescents and adults. School-based immunization is a strategy for reaching older children and adolescents with vaccination services. With the availability of newer vaccines (e. g. human papillomavirus (HPV)) and greater attention to providing booster doses of routine vaccines to older children (e. g. DTP, 2nd dose of measles), there is a growing interest in using schools as a platform for immunization. With increases in school enrolment rates, particularly in low income countries, the school immunization strategy has become even more promising. School health settings provide good opportunities to integrate vaccine delivery with other health interventions aimed at reducing vaccine preventable diseases and improving population health. For example, HPV vaccination can be linked with health information and warnings against tobacco use, as an intervention aimed at primary prevention of cervical cancer. In addition, linking HPV vaccine delivery with other health interventions for school-age children like deworming can increase coverage of these interventions and reduce cost of delivery.


This is very important especially on avoiding stock outs. Establish a formal system to review temperature records on a monthly basis. Revise HMIS forms and stock record books to capture all necessary information on vaccines (including damaged vaccines), diluents and consumables; print and distribute. Logistics: develop, print and disseminate Standard Operating Procedures which set out a contingency plan in the event of equipment failure or other emergency Provision of IEC materials, tools like the child health cards and tally sheets. Maintain adequate supplies for all monitoring tools including charts in health facilities,

Advocacy and communication

To update and implement advocacy, social mobilization and communication strategic plan. Training and scale up of the VHT for promotion of routine immunization Conduct social research on attitudes, knowledge of immunization in the community. Conduct advocacy meetings with local leaders, religious leader, politicians Operational research to strengthen routine immunization: train and mentor health workers to conduct research for action Identify hard to reach areas and risky populations.


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