Service Desk: Features, Main Types and Tasks

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Service desk is a group of staff which looks after all the services related to the organization service provider and it also focuses on business strategies and needs. The size of the service desk depends on the size and the requirement of the organization. Every organization has different problems. The objective of service desk is to resolve the technical issues as well as providing the answer of queries of the users so that they can work effectively and efficiently. It also restores the data in form the back up and utilizes it when it’s needed. The key responsibilities are providing detailed data related to problem and try to resolve them and help the users. They also confirm there satisfactory level with the help of surveys or calling them. Also inform the management about the issues faced.

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There are mainly three types of service desk organization. Firstly, a local service desk is that which is located near the users whom they provide services. The main objective is to provide the solutions to the users for their problems. Secondly, centralized service desk is made to reduce the no of local desk at different locations and there is staff available at one place which can answer more queries of the users and they are well qualified and experienced. They can provide better services. Thirdly, virtual service desk is an online desk operated with the advent of technology. Its main objective is to provide the service at different places with the help of internet. This can be done by home only. Lastly, follow the sun is that in which international companies combines the help desk to provide information effectively. The aim of this is to provide services 24hrs. The work is done in shifts which reduces the costs.

The service desk personnel are the person who is physically present to help the user or they can help them by phone as well. The duty of the service desk personnel is to get the positive outcome from the customer. They have the technical knowledge and interpersonal skills. One personnel contacts a single user at a time. The role of the personnel is to keep the track of request with the help of software. The motive of the service desk personnel is user satisfaction in a suitable time frame. The main responsibility is to answer the problem of the user and solve their issues so that they can get the rid of the problem.

There are various types of metrics for the service desk functions. These are made to evaluate the performance of service desk timely. These metrics can be related to profit, sales, services and enhancement in service desk structure and plans. These should be selected from those which are easily available with more care so that information related performance can be found out. For instance the quality of service cannot be measured with the help of call duration that the customer is satisfied or not. After the call a survey can be done so that the achievement of the service desk can be figure out. Moreover the other metric of the desk is that the problem should be solved in the first attempt so that the belief of the user should be maintained.

Critical success factors are very useful for service desk. IT can contact the users and ask them to provide feedback or by doing the survey. They can also inform the customer timely about what services they are providing and are they meeting there expectation. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the last step of the establishment of the service desk function. In these KPIs reports should be assisted under a supervision of a senior manager who has knowledge to measure the effect of the entire incident which happened while providing the services. KPIs help in knowing about the satisfaction level of the customers. This includes that what incident happen till the time when the performance is to be measured. It should also be checked that are that incident are repeated. How many requests received and for how many actions are taken in how much time. For each activity time period should be allocated. The SMART criteria should be followed by management to work efficiently because this criteria provides the whole information that what is the specific task should achieved in what time period.

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