Seti@home: Design and Implementation for the Future Systems


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SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). Here SETI@home’s design and implementation are discussed for the future systems. It actually used in the millions of computers in various fields to check the signals from the radio in space. Before SETI, it used for listening the narrow bandwidth radio signals from space but it does not occurs naturally. It occurs by the noise and the man made signals and hence this project is focused on the phases of,

  • computing the power spectrum
  • Finding the candidate signals
  • eliminating the manmade signals

The more computing power will get more narrow bandwidth which also automatically increases the network connection. Though it is expensive, a founder named David gedye in 1995 proposed doing this project SETI for the radio signals of minimum computing power.

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Goals of Seti@Home

  • Meanwhile to detect intelligent life outside earth by supporting analysis observationally
  • Practically by providing “Volunteer computing concept “.

Procedure for Seti@Home

Searching Radio transmission for extra terrestrial intelligence. Two telescopes are made to for observing the data. They are Arecibo radio telescope and green bank telescope. Here the datas are collected and saved in other terms we can call it as piggyback (i.e.); it can be used at any time and the telescope can also be used for other research programs. These datas are digitized, stored and sent to the home. The datas are resolved into small chunks in frequency and time. This gets analyzed by software, for searching any signals.

Distributed computing sends millions of data (chunk data) for analyzing off-site by home computers. These analyzed report is the result of the computer. We are using software analysis above. The following below signals are distinguish them from the noise

  • Spikes in power
  • spectra Gaussian rises and falls in transmission power,
  • possibly representing the telescope beam’s main lobe passing over a radio
  • source Triplets — three power spikes in a row Pulsing signals that possibly represent a narrowband
  • digital-style transmission
  • Autocorrelation detects signal waveforms.

Variations are there of affecting ETI (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) signal by

  • The interstellar medium
  • Relative motion of its origin compared to Earth.

For instance alike Earth another planet is moving at a speed and acceleration. As a result it will shift the frequency over time potential signal. Processing is done to check the software to an extent, thus named as SETI@home software.

In other words to just describe tuning a radio to various channels ; the channel strength is measured or followed by the signal strength meter. If the strength is high, that particular channel gets attention. At various chirp rates and duration by discrete Fourier Transform in DSP


This project needs a good radio telescope for the research purpose. There was a largest and most scientific telescope named Arecibo for the purpose but it cannot be used for the long term purpose and then they connected the second main antenna for the high bandwidth network connections. The data source from SETI@home to SERENDIP was done. The bandwidth and the frequency rate are reduced and centered under the band of line (1.42Hz).This model is of dividing the

Fixed units to various computers working. Though this is not a manmade, it does all the works and there is no communication between the clients. The redundancy level is kept with in the range so that it claims for more computation work at time. A relational database is stored for the clients and other aspects of the project database to distribute the work units to the clients.

It uses the HTTP protocol so the clients able to follow and contact it. They have the garbage collector with certain policies under that is, deleting the N number of records which is received and deleting the N number of records which is not sent. The most difficult part is to keep the system running so the server gets the information to distribute even when the system is done.

It always receives request from the client programs and hence thee computing process works either constantly based on low priority or only when the internet connection is communicated. Therefore it makes proges even no available. Finding the work unit also includes computing timing and frequency bandwidth. The received signal is converted to the frequency type. It covers tp the range of 0.075Hz to 1220.7Hz.This project client program written in c++” and consists of various platforms in different codes and all other porting is done by the volunteers.

The client can run the GUI applications at the background which is segmented in threads. These results are returned to the SETI@home complex and recorded. These are handled by certain tasks which is of automatically recording the receiving frequency in scientific method.and noting the database records in accounting method. It also handles the overload and the overtime files. Each word is examined and eliminated by the Redundancy eliminates all the redundant files running and in the background files by this they can compute the overlap timing and distribute the frequency.

To check the system the signals from the telescope is used and the man made are found and eliminated for the sufficient merit. Because the large amount of data per unit computation make some application unsuitable for public resource computation.


Anderson wrote software, the datas of the software is collected from Arecibo radio telescope (looking for narrow band), mother bird it into digestible bits, sent it to your desktop, and then send the results back to the Berkley home base.

Low level mbps Internet connected computer can actively SETI@home by compiling and running program through which we can download radio telescope data.From the server(SETI@home)work units are sent from computer to personal computer all around the world.Datas get merged using SETI@home computer. Although it rejects interference, various patterns and algorithm for finding the interesting (stregnthen signal). SETI@home is a distributed computing software it run in screensaver or while running the computer.

BOINC Bandwidth increasing option to the texas advanced computing center and nana hub.It is a program that allows to donate our idle computer time to science .we can connect SETI@home as many of these projects tghrough this.

SETI@home are now working on detecting wideband signals .Once they come as a spread spectrum of frequencies like the beam downs from DirecTv. In the spread spectrum emission Humans can embed more information efficiently. Radio telescope signals Tv stations, radios, satellites. Modern radio SETI projects analyze the data digitally. More computing power enables searches to cover greater frequency ranges with more sensitivity. Radio SETI, has an instrable for computing power

Measurement Method for CPU Availability

BOINC client has been instrumented to collect the information about CPU availability traces from 230000 hosts over the Network(Internet) .We define CPU availability to be a binary value indicating wheather the CPU was free or not.The time could be traces while CPU starts to be free and stop.

Aircrafts due to measurement method is inevitable. Aircrafts results from bench mark run periodically every five days by the BOINC client. A gap occurs when these run periodically for five days. A minute gap occurs when it stops and starts the next when it gets separated by one minute period (interval gap) . These different intervals and its availability can be shown by Histogram and mass-count graphs.

Random Testing

A fraction of hosts are likely to exhibit availability intervals that contain trends, periodicity, autocorrelation, or non-stationarity. For these hosts, modelling their availability using a probability distribution is difficult given the change of its statistical properties over time. Therefore, as the preliminary phase before data analysis and modeling we apply randomness tests to determine which hosts have truly random availability intervals.

There are several randomness tests which are divided in two general categories. They are

  • parametric
  • non-parametric

Parametric tests are usually utilized when there is a a tests are usually utilized when there is an assumption about the distribution of data. As they cannot make any assumption for the underlying distribution of the data set, they adopted non-parametric randomness tests. They conducted four well-known non-parametric tests, namely the runs test, runs up and down test, autocorrelation test and Kendalltau test. For all tests, the availability intervals of each hosts was imported as a given sequence or time series

The runs test compares each interval to the mean. The runs up and down test compare each interval to the previous interval to determine trends.

The autocorrelation test finds rehashed designs that vary by some slack in time. The Kendall-tau test contrasts an interim and every single past one. Since the speculation for every one of these tests depend on the typical conveyance, we should ensure that there are sufficient examples for each host, i.e., no less than 30 tests.

Around 20% of hosts don’t have enough examples as a result of a constrained term of follow estimation. (Estimation for a host started simply after the client downloaded and introduced the instrumented BOINC customer. So a few hosts may have just a couple of estimations since they started utilizing the instrumented BOINC customer just minutes previously theycollected and finished the follow estimations). So we disregarded these hosts in our measurable analysisFinally four test has been connected and the centrality is 0.5.

Public Response

when the plan was announced in 1998 the prompting people were about 400,000 during the following year and the mac version is released in 1999.During the short time period of time the users were about high in number, 3.19 million in aug 2002.To publish this news to all the people they explained all the project themes and technical news including the partner client programs .finally they thanked by email to all the work units for the achievement. This website also exchange information and opinions and links to the contributions.They have translations of 30 languages.

The client program act as s vector and they do not download or install code. The user develops email propagated that installs the SETI@home for the infected virus and also have to protect forms the malicious and misbehaving activities.preventing all the activities is quite difficult if users run under the client program.


The task has not achieved the expressed essential objective of discovering extraterrestrial knowledge, it has demonstrated to mainstream researchers that appropriated processing ventures utilizing Internet-associated PCs can prevail as a suitable investigation device, and even beat the biggest supercomputers. The venture has not achieved the expressed essential objective of discovering extraterrestrial knowledge, it has demonstrated to established researchers that circulated registering ventures utilizing Internet-associated PCs can prevail as a suitable investigation instrument, and even beat the biggest supercomputers

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