Sewage and Storm Water Over Pumping and Bypass Systems


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Sewage & Storm Water Over pumping & Bypass systems

WJ Groundwater engages in sewage over pumping and bypass systems in the Middle East. With the increase in developed utility networks across the region, it has become important for municipal bodies and contractors to conduct regular maintenance works without major disruptions to the existing network. Our temporary over pumping and bypass solutions ensures uninterrupted flow through the main network at the time of maintenance.

We design, engineer, install and commission the most optimal over pumping solution for effective bypass. Our Engineers can assist in calculating the peak flow, temporary piping connections, required pipe length and diameter, drawdown required to avoid flooding upstream manholes, discharge head losses and solid handling parameters. In short, we will choose the best and cost-effective pumping system that is ideal for the site conditions.

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WJ can carry out complete temporary installation and operation providing total solution. WJ maintains a large fleet of surface mounted diesel engine pumps high in capacity and with large solids handling capacity spanning 30mm to 120mm. When surface mount is not an option, we can also achieve similar pumping capacity using our well maintained electric submersible drainage and sewage pumps.

  • Title: Sewage bypass at Dubai Downtown
  • Caption: Over pumping for existing Network Upgradation
  • Alt Text: Sewerage over pumping at Dubai Downtown
  • Description: We have installed, commissioned and operated a temporary over pumping system at Down Town Dubai to facilitate construction of service tunnel and roads in the area. The existing sewer network was diverted through our temporary setup. The pumping station had a peak flow of 1500 m3/hr.
  • Title: Storm Water Pumping Station bypass at Dubai Cargo Village
  • Caption: Redesign & Upgradation of existing pumping station.
  • Alt Text: Storm Water Pumping Station over pumping at Dubai Cargo Village
  • Description: WJ Groundwater Limited undertakes the flow diversion at the storm water pumping station in the Dubai Cargo Terminal using our fleet of high capacity pumps. WJ has installed different pumping spreads at three different location around the pumping station. Our Contractor has entrusted us to effectively divert all incoming flows to the assigned discharge chambers. Large flows are being diverted enabling contractors to demolish and reconstruct the existing pumping station. WJ have deployed 24×7 supervision and operation team within the airport to meet all demands and to proactively control any unexpected flows.
  • Title: Storm Water bypass near Nakheel Metro Station
  • Caption: Over pumping for the upgradation of existing Metro Station
  • Alt Text: Storm Water over pumping near Nakheel Metro Station
  • Description: The Nakheel Harbour and Tower (NHT) Station upgradation is a part of the Dubai Metro expansion works and it is located at Ibn Battuta Street. The Red Line extension to Expo 2020 site shall intersect at NHT Station. WJ Groundwater Limited undertakes the storm water & sewage over pumping works using our high capacity diesel engine driven centrifugal pumps. We have installed our temporary but robust HDPE discharge bypass line up to 250m away. The over pumping system is operated and monitored by WJ personnel 24×7. MAG flow meter is used to monitor the system flow rate. WJ Groundwater has also successfully executed and installed our advanced deep line plugging system to divert flows.
  • Title: Storm Water bypass near Jumeirah
  • Caption: Over pumping from manhole for constructing additional downstream manhole
  • Alt Text: Storm Water over pumping near Jumeirah
  • Description: Dubai Municipality is constantly upgrading their utility network to incorporate additional system requirements. WJ Groundwater Limited undertakes the storm water by pass works from manhole to manhole at Jumeirah using our high capacity diesel engine driven centrifugal pumps. We have installed our temporary but robust HDPE discharge line up to 100m in linear distance. We had anticipated large volume of flows through the main network as it was near the outfall point. WJ successfully diverted the flows with no impact to the main network.

Pipeline Flushing

WJ Groundwater Limited has assisted several contractors in the Middle East for their pipeline flushing activities. Flushing and cleaning of chilled water pipeline systems is a very critical element of any HVAC project. This procedure is undertaken to flush out any debris or foreign impurities from the pipeline system after commissioning of a newly installed chilled water line. Often utility companies undertake flushing of the existing network every year or a couple of years after. This is a requisite for their regular maintenance program for the network.

WJ assists contractors by supplying the specialized pumping equipment and accessories for the effective flushing of the pipelines. We can also provide in-depth engineering and ensure the flushing velocity and flows are maintained through the sequence of operations. WJ Engineers can also provide the detailed simulation of the network and thereby an indication of what parameters are met and achieved during the actual flushing process. Consultants can also verify node data prior to start of flushing works. This enables us to redesign our temporary system in a very short time for any anticipated site changes.

With our large fleet of high pressure flushing pumps, we can meet any system volume and ensure timely delivery, matching the exact specifications and suited to our client’s project budget. We can supply and install all flushing equipment like pumps, filters, tanks and discharge hose, valves and accessories. WJ offer a rental service as well as a full installation and operation service for flushing pumps and equipment. WJ have delivered several major chilled and condensed water systems in the region.

  • Title: Chilled Water Pipeline flushing at Nshama Town Square Dubai
  • Caption: Hydro flushing for Nshama Town Square District Cooling Plant
  • Alt Text: District Cooling Network flushing at Nshama Town Square Dubai
  • Description: The main contract work involved the supply of high pressure centrifugal diesel engine driven flushing and circulation pumps along with discharge accessories. The system flow rate required to achieve 3m/s velocity was 10,000m3/hr. WJ have deployed equipment from its very own rental fleet. Full day monitoring and technical assistance was provided to our client for the successful execution and operation of this project.

  • Title: Chilled Water Pipeline flushing at Deira Waterfront Dubai
  • Caption: Hydro flushing for at Deira Waterfront District cooling plant
  • Alt Text: District Cooling Network flushing at Deira Waterfront Dubai
  • Description: The main contract work involves the supply of centrifugal diesel engine flushing pumps and accessories; the peak flow was 900m3/hr @ 6-8 bar for each of the pumps. WJ had installed a total of 14 flushing pumps for this project.
  • Emergency Pumping Solutions

    At WJ, we understand that when there is an emergency, our clients need to control the situation as fast as possible and in the most effective way. By providing backup at unrivalled speed, our emergency response is one of the best in the industry as we provide 24×7 support, 365days of the year. We have established ourselves as the most comprehensive emergency pumping response team in the region. We dedicate several of our resources for planning and execution.

    At WJ, we work hard to minimize any risks our customers might face due to flooding and water logging. We help our clients mitigate delays and excessive costs. Our service and operation teams shall swing in action as soon as we receive the call on our helplines. With our growing fleet of dewatering pumps, we can control any flooding situation at hand. WJ Engineers shall select the most suitable and appropriate pumps thereby assuring the most optimal solution.

    HDPE Pipeline Installation

    WJ Groundwater Limited has expanded their expertise through in-house experience of HDPE installation services since its inception. We have worked with several main contractors and is a common sub-contractor for major construction projects in Middle East.

    We do offer our HDPE installation services to the regional construction, industrial, water and waste water industries. We carry out HDPE pipeline installation & welding services with Butt Fusion & Electro Fusion techniques. Our operations team consists of skilled, qualified and certified technicians with the know-how of up to date technology and are experienced with precise accuracy and perfection for the works. WJ can supply a wide range of pipes in different class, accessories and fittings. Given the timeframe, we can advise the possibility of completing the installation and commissioning activities at our top pace.

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