Sex and Living Together before Marriage

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Sex before marriage is just as important as teaching abstinence. Students should be able to understand both sides. Schools are making it extremely difficult for students to become aware of such an important topic. Instead of teaching women about what’s unladylike schools should address how diseases can be passed and the negatives it can have when people feel ashamed.

With no proper education, students aren’t as informed as someone else that did get educated about intimacy. Students will make their own choices and ignoring that won’t change a thing. Kids are being told having sex before marriage is unladylike. The article states “the teacher shows the class a used toothbrush and asks the boys if they would like it. When they say no, and the teacher turns to the girls and says that once they’ve had sex, they’re like a used toothbrush; ‘Who would want you?’” (Newman). Intimacy shouldn’t be told to young girls that it makes them less valuable. Shaming another individual for what they decide isn’t a valid reason to only talk about abstinence in schools. Someone else’s opinion shouldn’t reflect on what a woman is.

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Kids aren’t properly educated on how diseases are transmitted. According to the article “when schools in Texas learn about sexually transmitted diseases. They will usually say abstinence is the best way to avoid STDs” (Cousins). Abstinence doesn’t leave kids with enough information. Schools need to educate properly to move in the right direction. The article says “…Many parents want to see Christian values instilled in their children while attending public schools. This puts students in a situation where they do not get the information they need if they choose to have sex before marriage…” (Cousins). Expecting a child to come out with the same mindset is impractical. Talking just about abstinence doesn’t necessarily mean kids will listen. Abstinence is not enough information for kids to make their own choices.

On the opposing side of the argument, sexual intimacy can lead to pregnancy. Pregnancy at a young age is dangerous and can make some fall back in their education. Although there is a higher risk of receiving diseases, individuals who do have an std find it difficult to seek help because of all the opinions schools layout for young students. The article then explains “…Donald Trump permitted the administration to cancel funding for 81 successful teen pregnancy programs. It has resulted in cases of gonorrhea, chlamydia, in ages 15-24” (Newman). The government is making it harder for young girls to seek help. Schools aren’t doing a good job of practicing safe sex. When no one is accepting there is no possible way to move forward as a society.

Rather than coaching ladies about what isn’t acceptable, classes need to cope with how illnesses can be passed and the negatives it’s able to have when others feel guilty. Many students have intercourse and education makes it difficult to address protection. Intimacy is a part of life and shouldn’t be something that doesn’t get talked about. 

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