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Sex Education: is It Necessary?

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Considering Philippines being an immensely religious country, it is expected that several people are against to the conception of implementing sexual education in classrooms. There are plenty of vague images that is approaching with what precisely Sex Education will educate the students, and people would frequently have a hard time separating reality from a fiction.

Teenagers are a highly active period characterized by fast growth and development. Teenagers have limited information about sexual education and it should be a very important and essential part of their learning process starting from childhood and continual into their adult life “it is a lifelong process “.

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This study is trying to assess the perception of Teenager among the reproductive and sexual health, tried to assess the knowledge, attitude, and practice towards reproductive health and sexual matter. Sexual and demeanour problem teenagers are mutual and these factors are related in insalubrious development of teenager from the social atmosphere. However, it also contains impersuniosity, sexual harassment, law-breaking, unemployment, ethnic and gender discrimination and influence of social change on individual, neighbourhood and families.

Teenagers need to give preventive intervention for this demeanour and contribute positive individualized growth and progression. The purpose of this research about sex education is to help our fellow teenagers to increase awareness, knowledge as well as values and encourage them to make the proper and healthy choices in their sexual behaviour, therefore restraining them from sexually transmitted infections, such as HIV and HPV, teenage or unwanted pregnancies.

Research Questions:

This research was aimed to study “sex education” and pursued to answer the following questions:

  1. Why there are people who don’t want a conversation about sex? (sex education)
  2. What are the effects of teaching about sex? (sex education)
  3. What are the perceptions of teenager’s about sex education?
  4. Why do we need sexual educations in school?
  5. What are the benefits of implementing sex education in school?

Research Methodology:

This research conducted a qualitative research in which we conscientiously explain the different perception of teenager about sex education.


The researcher has randomly chosen 10 teenagers in antipolo city to interview their perception about sex education in year 2018-2019.

Data Collection:

The researchers ask consent to the randomly chosen teenagers and scheduled an appointment for an interview. The meeting was according to the time and date the participants proposed. The researcher asks permission if they can use their mobile phones for the recording of the interview.

Ethical Issues

The ethical issue on this research was in the positive values about sex education. People must know about sex education for them to be aware about their sexual behaviour. They must know their responsibility as an individual. They must be aware or have the knowledge about STD or sexually transmitted disease such as HIV and AIDS, owing to that; they will have the proper and healthy decisions in their sexual behaviours.


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