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Sexual Orientation: Nature Or Choice

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I believe that one is not born gay and it is something that is learned. Many people believe that they are born gay. Therefore. I believe that it is a choice to be who you are. There is a lot of controversy about the topic of gay sexual orientation and being born this way. I do not believe that one is simply born liking the same gender because we cannot determine at birth who we like and what we like because we cannot think for ourselves and are not capable of making decisions for ourselves. This is behavior learned by your surroundings as one becomes older. In the article by ProCon it says, “Whether sexual orientation is a trait we are born with (nature) or is caused by the environment we are raised in (nurture) has been debated by scientists, religious leaders, elected officials, and the general public. Opponents argue that homosexuality is a reversible and unfortunate lifestyle choice resulting from poor child-parent relationships, sexual abuse, brainwashing by pro-gay influences, or other developmental causes” (2018). Those that make the argument that people are born gay and are born different from others, then it is morally acceptable. Their argument is that everyone is born equally. For example, if two male babies were born in the same hospital and one grew up promiscuous as an adult and is attracted to little boys and the other believed that he should wait until marriage because it is best to save yourself for true love. Which is morally better? Sexuality is not determined by birth because it is determined by behavior. Where a person lives and what they see growing up can determine how they turn out. Everyone has the choice to be who they want to be. We cannot say we are equal to an adult man that likes young boys because he was born that way and it is morally wrong. I do feel that we should respect a person if they choose to marry the same gender. I may not agree with how they live their life, but I do not feel it is right to treat them less than human.

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Some people will say this is the way God made me and I was born this way. From a biblical view this is what God said. “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination”. “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them”. This is exactly why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because they indulged in sexual immorality and had unnatural desires. Homosexuality is not what God intended at all. In some religions, when a person rejects God they tend to crave unnatural things they were not designed to do. Many religions do not accept homosexuality and see it as a sin punishable by death and burning in the lake of fire. Hearing this growing up made me not want that lifestyle for myself. I believe that everyone has the right to believe in what they want and life how they want.

In conclusion, there is no scientific evidence to back up the claim of being born gay. Sexual orientation is defined by a relationship with someone. Camille Paglia a lesbian activist also feels that a person is not born gay and homosexuality is an adaptation because the body is created for reproduction. Homosexuality is learned and for some people it may have been forced upon them. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and how they feel. Nobody will completely agree that people are born this way. I may not agree with the lifestyle and them feeling they are born this way, but I do accept them for who they are and will never treat them like they do not matter. It is not morally correct to try to put someone in a Heaven or Hell that we have no control over. No one is born knowing they like the same or opposite sex. We are born to be taught morals and values that are supposed to help us in life.

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