Sexual Transmitted Infection Types and Their Severity


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Sexual Transmitted Infections or (STI’s) is the last topic that I wanted to cover over because this topic was the one that really made me go “wow”, I never realized all of the possibilities and types of STI’s that can occur if you don’t the required measures of having safe sex with your significant other. There are over 20 STI’s known to man, some are extremely dangerous and some aren’t as bad as others. “Every year there are 20 million new cases of STI’s [and] almost half of the new diagnosed cases of STI’s are in people ages 15-24”(Donatelle 3). If you do the math those ages are mainly common in highschool and College, which makes sense because kids that age are trying to experience new things and being reckless not knowing that they can be negatively affecting them or their significant other if your not taking safety very serious.

A very know common STI is herpes, even at a young age I would hear about herpes. “ Herpes are caused by a virus” and “There are no cure for herpes altho some drugs can ease symptoms”(Donatelle 15). Some other STI’s I have learned about would be Pubic Lice, HIV/ AIDS which is even worse than herpes, and lastly Gonorrhea. Pubic Lice is one STI that isn’t as bad because you can get rid of it after a certain period of time. “Symptoms include itching, bluish-gray skin color and sores in genital area”, “Treatment involves washing all lines that may be infected with eggs, It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to kill all larval forms”(Donatelle 24). One of the deadliest forms if not the deadliest form is HIV/AIDS.

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The reason why I am so informed and common with this STI is because one of the greatest basketball players of all time (Magic Johnson) messed around and got diagnosed with it but luckily from his success in the NBA he was able to afford the expensive treatment which is one of the reasons why he is still alive today. Being anyone else it would be hard to find the right treatment for this strong virus. One other reason why this STI is popularly know is because back in 1995 Eazy E a famous rapper passed away in his fight to defeat HIV. “In 2010, about 47,000 people in the United States were diagnosed with the HIV infection”, “Today, people with HIV and any 1 to 25 indicator infections are likely to move to an Aids diagnosis”(Donatelle 26). Last but not least Gonorrhea, the word even sounds ugly. I wasn’t exactly sure what gonorrhea was besides the fact that it’s a STI until I read up on it in this class. It“Primarily infects the urethra, genital tract, pharynx, and rectum; If gone untreated it can cause sterility” (Donatelle 10). This factual sentence I read was difficult to understand, so i had to do a little research myself to fully grasp its severity and what exactly it does to the human body.

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