Shakespeare’s Romeo-Juliet Love Story in Hindi Cinema: a Message Analysis

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Shakespeare is popular for its intense work. He blessed the whole world with his beautiful art of work which was started to use in the 18th century and in the 21st century it is still in use. It’s the best possible literary in all the terms. It is passed from generation to generation like all cultures pass their traditions. The work of Shakespeare is so versatile that anyone in this world can adopt it. As much everyone appreciates Shakespeare work, it feels like it should more be appreciated by the world. That kind of art is Shakespeare work. The formats of Shakespeare work is changes with time but the importance and feel for the work cannot be changed anytime sooner or later. In the over 450 years of his demise, Shakespeare has passed on more than just his works. He has inspired several generations of filmmakers across the world with ideas through his plays which offer some of the best ingredients for a mainstream film in any language and that could belong to any culture, ethnic backdrop, time-space paradigms, relationships, and so on.

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India has contributed to its own understanding and shift in the context of the essence of Shakespeare’s work. Here are some Indian Cinema productions inspired by the classic plays by the Bard. Hindi cinema is much more popular for its romantic genre of Film. If someone is talking about romance then Romeo and Juliet is the first example in their mind. Romeo and Juliet is the paradigm for True love and Romance. Just like true love has a common language in all over the world without any difference, the common example of true love is Romeo and Juliet simultaneously.

Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story of a young couple who belongs to the rival families. Both of them fall in love with each other at first sight at a common event. Their love gets strong with time and both fall for each other more and more. As their love is getting brawny day by day with that their family rivalry situations are also getting brawny. Through some impulsive actions of other characters. Later on, all the situations get messed up and due to some misunderstanding both Romeo and Juliet kill themselves considering another one dead. With the death of their children and so many eye-opening circumstances, both families decided to end their rivalry for the sake of their children’s soul and true love.

To discuss that when any director adopts any content he can adopt that content in a different manner. It does all depend on him that now how he wants to present that content to audiences. How every director does works on a film according to his visual perception about various contents and comes out with a different message from the same content.

Analysis of film is a gigantic process. There are so many approaches under which a film can be analyzed. According to the need and kind of treatment wanted, the researcher can perform that. Film analysis includes all the elements of films including audio-visual that gives a new extent to the analysis process. The approaches are differing from time to time because of the critical analyzing and evaluating the process. There are the same elements which can be prolonged as much as the researcher can or wanted to do that. 

Goliyon Ki Raasleela: Ramleela by Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Love is the most powerful emotion. This is the first message which this gave to its audience. The most difficult part of being in love is trust, which is a crucial part of love. With that love also have a lot of pain in itself, which is the test in love. All these emotions make love powerful which later makes anyone’s love everlasting. Violence is not a solution for anything. This is the second message which this movie gave us. Through violence, anyone just can lose; never or ever can achieve anything. Violence can only destroy everyone’s life. Spread Love not Hate. That’s the third message which Goliyon Ki Raasleela – Ramleela gave us. Through hate or revenge, we just can lose mankind and humanity. And after such a time period anyone can lose himself in hate emotion, which we should overcome as soon as possible. Women as the head of the Community. In movie one of the tribe named Sanera which has their head named Dhankhor and later on Leela, which promote women empowerment, how every field is accepting women as their part or can say that movie show matriarchal empire which is a part of Indian society.

Maine Pyar Kiya by Sooraj Bharjatiya

Maine Pyar Kiya is a movie which is story revolving around two families who are old friends but due to time lapse situations get changed and one of them got materialize about things and disregard other one and the entire situations happened. This is such a stunning movie with such some stunning messages to its audience. The first message, this movie gives to its audience the Power of love. Through this movie, the audience can easily depict especially from the second half of the movie where ‘Prem’ proves his love to Karan (father of Suman) without any support or influence of his industrialist father. With that, he also proves that how his love supports him all the conditions whether it’s up or down and always encourage him. With the power of love, he is able to do the work of daily wages with the fact that he has done his graduation from abroad. But just for the sake of love and support of his love, he is able to fulfil the demand of Karan in that small village just to get his love and beloved. The second message which this movie gives to its audience is about loyal friendship. As plot describes us that both the parents(Karan and Kishan) were childhood friends but due to such misunderstanding both get apart from each other and similar to that both the children (Prem and Suman) became friends first on and later on falls in love with each other. The first relationship between parents and their children is their loyal friendship. The third message which Maine Pyar Kiya confers to its audience is hard work. The movie depicts to its young audience of the late ’80s that through your hard work you can get whatever you want to achieve. Prem also does hard work for his love and earn money to prove his love. With his hard work and efforts, in the end, he got his love and lived happily after. This movie conveys such an influential message- Do hard work in your life and get whatever you want to. Hard work is the key to achieve your dreams which lead to your happiness.

Issaq by Manish Tiwary

The first message which this movie gave us is that Love is eternal. How two people fall into love and how they trust each other and just wanted to live together? But how other characters challenge their love and try to take advantage of them. As we all know love never dies and with people, it is the only eternal thing in the world. The second message which movie Issaq gave to its audience that Anger and violence destroy everything. Due to the anger issues of Tetam (Uncle of Amyra) and Pritam (Fiance of Amyra) everything gets destroyed. Just for their ego satisfaction, they killed so many people.

Qayamat se Qayamat tak by Mansoor Khan

Qayamt se Qayamat tak is a wonderful film. There are various messages, this film gave but we are going to discuss only the important ones, The first message which this movie gives is that children are not the property of their parents and they can’t do whatever they want to. It’s their life and they can take their own decisions but the movie propagates the stereotype perception where parents impose their decision on their children. Their parents ignore the fact that they are mature enough to understand the situations as well as they can take their own life decision about independent life. Second message which this movie represents to the audience that both families have given priority to the name of their family or ‘khandan ki izzat’ over their children. How can any parent do this to their children? Children must be their first priority over anything else because they are the only future of their family. Children can never or ever be a symbol of their so-called ‘Izzat’.

Issaqzaade by Habib Faisal

This movie has a very strong message about Inter caste love. The whole movie is based on how two different kinds of persons met and fell in love with each other but the issue is their caste or religion which has a crucial role in their life because with that caste or religion they spend their whole life but love is very rebellious feeling which made everyone rebel. Through this movie the director tried to show how important love is in life, not caste, or religion. We all have faith in our religion but is that right I am not saying religion is wrong, it is a necessity of life but when religion crosses the boundaries of humanity then it is wrong. How can any religion be over’s anyone life and why society can’t accept that firstly we are human and after that, we have some caste or religion. These are such aspects which the director wants to show the last minute text in which he also mentions some stats. With that director also arise more issues of society which is now days are more popular. One of them is ‘Preference of career’ for a girl.

Ek Duuje Ke Liye by K.Balachandera

Love is beyond any caste or religion-This is the first message which this movie gives to its audience throughout the whole movie. The concept of Caste is always there somewhere around the whole time. As we all know, India is a diversified country, where language and people are changed after some miles. Caste issues are working as a major issue in between true Love. Love is differing from person to person- Love is the purest feeling among all the feelings. Till the date from the 80s, True Love is misunderstood with Lust and Amorousness. This is the bitter aspect which is usually come from the societal part. Love is Eternal- This is the third message which this movie gave that True love can never or ever be vanished if it happens then that does not love. True love has the power to overcome every and any condition which came as a hurdle in their way. In the worst scenario where lovers died, their love always remains constant with their souls. That’s the most beautiful thing about love.


In conclusion, the researcher wants to wrap up the fact that adaptation is a very intense work to perform and it comes with a responsibility to execute in a most perfect way in which they can execute. The name of Shakespeare is just enough for the validation of Content that how good it would be. In this research paper, the researcher discusses the 6 films which are based on the theme of Shakespeare’s work. In the analysis part, we get to know how the theme is common but how person to person, it creates the difference in interpreting the same story. How someone perception can cause some major changes in various terms. How Ek dujje ke liye is based on the caste issues, Issaqzaade is based on religion issue, Qayamat se Qayamat tak is on their family rivalry, Issaq is based on business domination, Maine Pyar Kiya is based on True and loyal friendship and Goliyon ki raasleela: Ramleela is based on family Rivalry and business rivalry. These are such aspects which the researcher wants to highlight through this paper that it’s all about the thought process which took us the way where we want to go.






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