Sherlock Holmes' Case in the Red-headed League: One of the Many Mysteries Cracked by the Detective


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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a mystery. It is about a private detective and his assistant. The detectives name was Sherlock Holmes and the assistants name was Dr. Watson. Together these two solve 12 thrilling mysteries.

Such Mysteries include A scandal in Bohemia, The Red-Headed League, and The Speckled Band. These mysteries vary in different plots. The typical plot is as follows. Usually a client comes to Holmes and Watson with a problem. The client tells the story as it happened, and Holmes decides whether to accept the case. He always accepts. Then he goes about his business to solve the case. After he figures it out himself, he catches the criminal. Then when Watson questions the case, Holmes explains his thinkings. Which I admit are odd.

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A great mystery is the Red-Headed League. It was about a man whos name was Jabez Wilson who owns a pawnshop. He reads about an exclusive club that only excepts men with red hair. He leaves his shop and gets accepted to the club. He joins, but after a few months, he finds that the club all together has ended. He then seeks Sherlock Holmes expertise. Holmes then goes to the shop to investigate. There he discovers vital clues to solve the mystery. Without further adieu he got together with the police, and hid in the cellar of the shop. They then hid until the criminals came and caught them. These criminals were none other than the same cheaters who invented the fake club, and the young boy who was looking after the shop while, Mr. Wilson was at the club. How did Mr. Holmes know about the robbery? Well when he went to the shop to investigate, he actually tapped the ground in front of the shop door. There he discovers that it sounds hollow. To really finish it off, when he rings the bell, the young boy opens the door. Holmes notices that the boys pants are dusty and dirty. From this Holmes deducted that they in fact were building a tunnel to steal the goods and money from the cellar of the shop. The Red-Headed League was just a diversion to get Mr. Wilson away from his shop. Once again Holmes has amazed us.

If needed to read one book, I would strongly recommend it, especially for the mystery lovers. It has everything you need and want in a book. It has suspense, surprise, and fun. Although I recommend it, if you do not enjoy mysteries you probably wont buy this book. But I disagree with that. Like I said no matter what kind of books you enjoy, you would definitely like this book.


A Scandal in Bohemia

A Case of Identity

The Red- Headed League

The Boscombe Valley Mystery

The Five Orange Pips

The Man with the Twisted Lip

The Blue Carbuncle

The Speckled Band

The Engineers Thumb

The Noble Bachelor

The Beryl Coronet

The Copper Beeches

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