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Shopify Platfrom: Create Your Own E-commerce Store

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Every day more and more people are getting dependent on online to gather resources, additional knowledge and to buy all sorts of things that they can’t find near their places. The era today has become an era of social media, online transactions, and online research. Everything can be found online as the world wide web is full of free information up for grabs to people.

With this emerging market comes the demand for more online shops, the growth of purchases online increase year by year making the online business if done right a profitable one. Many have found money doing business online, lots of ways to provide services as well and others have found a way to create a shop and increase the scope of their market to either their whole country or international market.

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This increasing demand leads to a number of shopping platforms to be created online. Before, you might be needing a computer degree or need to hire a professional to build a website or even your own store. Not with few clicks, you can already create your own branded store. Easy shop builders have come to the attention of potential business owners and those who wanted to invest in a shop. This is because not everyone can build their own store from scratch. One of the known online and e-commerce shop builder is the platform named Shopify.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce solution that allows individuals to create their own online store and sell goods to other online visitors and users. It lets you organize and add your products online, customize the store look, accept payments with their trusted payment gateways, and respond to customer orders and queries. All of these actions can be done in a few simple clicks if you create a shop through Shopify.

That is how powerful this e-commerce solution is, it lets a newbie or someone who is not that good with website creation to completely create a store on its own.

How do you start using Shopify?

First and foremost, if you’re planning to have an instant store this article is not for you. You can definitely get a completely customized and optimized store from other websites. These stores also run on the Shopify platform.

To get started, you will not need to install or download anything to have the Shopify platform. Shopify platform runs on web-based software therefore you don’t need to worry about anything regarding Shopify software. It has its own self-hosting which updates automatically so that you will not be burden with technical stuff.

Starting your Own Store

The first thing you need to do in order to use Shopify is to sign up with them. Just follow the instructions on how to sign up and you need to verify the email address you used to sign up with them in order to activate your store. It will also require you to provide other details like your name and address.

Take note that you need to provide your own store name. A piece of advice, get a store name that replicates what you are selling or something that can be considered related to the products you want to sell. Make it easy to remember and unique.

It will then bring you to another page which is your admin screen. The admin screen is where you can start customizing and choosing themes for your store.

You can choose which theme you want best and what you think will catch people’s attention

You can add your own logo on this page as well

Choose the right font

Lots of things you can edit you need to explore the admin page

You can also add your products on your admin page.

Setup your product pictures

Edit product name and description

Edit product price according to your markup

After which you can setup your payment gateways. Note that you have to apply to different payment gateways even though Shopify is connected with these networks. Once you understand how you can edit all these stuff and where to edit which you can start choosing the right theme for your store.

Finding the Right Theme for your Store

Luckily enough, Shopify provides its own theme store so that you won’t need to look anywhere else to get store themes. The provided themes are all optimized and guaranteed to have full support from its creators. If in any case, you encounter any technical glitch during the stage that you’re running your store, you can just seek their supports help to sort things out for you.

You can choose from either a free or premium theme. Note that premium themes might cost you but this will ensure that you get the best support and customized store setup. You can also customize your theme, you just need to go to the admin dashboard then go to Themes and find customize themes to bring you directly to the customization section.

Adding Products to your store

Once, you have chosen the right theme and installed it on your Shopify store. It is time to add products to your store. You can find the product edit page again on the admin dashboard, in the product section choose “add product”. From this section, you can add the main product picture for your customer to see. A gallery of images as well so that it can be viewed from different angle or color or design depending on how you want it to show.

Feel free to edit the title or product name of your chosen product to whatever you want your product to be called. Once this is done, and you’re satisfied that you have edited everything especially the price then you can finally save it so that it shows on your web store page. Once you’re done with adding a single product you can just follow the same step to add numerous products to your store or leave it as is if you plan to sell one product only.

Setting Up your Payment Gateways

One of the important aspects of an online store is the ability to accept payments safely and securely. This is where Paypal and other payment gateways come into the picture. To do this just head directly to the Payment section of your Shopify admin dashboard and set up all the details. The good thing about Shopify is that they have their own payment gateway, you can have this setup by providing your bank account where you want all the sales to come and connect it with Shopify You can also choose other payment gateways, the most popular Paypal. Other payment gateways like stripe and 2checkout can also be added to your Shopify store.

Get your own Domain Name

Now you are done with the theme you want your store to have, products have been added to your store as well and payment gateways are already present. This will only be complete if you have your own domain name. Your domain name will be similar to the store name you have chosen at the sign-up stage. This will determine also your own branding. Shopify can provide free domain but the problem with having a free domain is that it will the Shopify name connected it to. Your web store will look like this store unlike if you buy your own it will be only It will look better if you buy your own domain. It will look legit to your customers. Therefore, I suggest that you buy your own domain. This will cost you around $12 to $15 for a year.

Shopify sells their own domain hosting so you can just check out with them or you can buy outside and connect it with your Shopify web store. One suggestion where to buy a great domain name is with Namecheap. Namecheap not only sells cheap domain names they also provide free whoisguard feature. This feature will cost you in other web domain seller.

Once you have bought your domain, I’m assuming you bought it outside Shopify. You have to connect and redirect the DNS server to your Shopify hosting. You can easily do this as there are lots of tutorials on how to connect the newly bought domain to your Shopify website. You’re basically done after getting your own domain. Now your shop is ready to be published and be seen by your customers around the world.

Your Journey Starts Here

Note that the tutorial above is a basic setup tutorial, you will have to tweak your web store to look as legit as possible to your customer’s view. The lists highlighted are the most important parts of setting up your own e-commerce store. In creating these web stores, make sure to prepare investment money as it will not be free. The cost might be minimal compared to setting up a physical shop but it will cost you time and money as well to set up web stores.

You will also have to market and advertise your store and products in order to get sales. The store setup is just the first step. The tutorial can be easily applied and followed to get your own Shopify store created without the help of professional web developers.

One last piece of advice, make sure that you have researched the product you want to sell in order to not waste time building the store and not getting the profit you plan to have. Read more regarding hosting and domain to understand how this will affect your store as well. Good luck with your business!


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