Shoplifting and All the Negative Consequences It Can Lead to

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Shoplifting refers to the theft of merchandise from a store or spot of business. Shoplifting is a kind of larceny, which essentially means taking the property of another person without their authorization, and with the plan to for all time deny the proprietor of the property taken. Shoplifting can include modifying price tags, manipulating merchandise, placing goods into different containers or packaging to avoid paying all or part of the purchase price. The effects of shoplifting affect the victim (business) by making them have to do bag checks, having security cameras, bag check in policies, security guards, and sensory sytems. Which takes up thier personal time and their work time away. It also affects them by having to raise prices because then they’re losing money out of their paychecks. A loss of tax revenue due to stealing can mean taxes are higher for everyone. Also, they lose profit from it. When businesses increase prices and add additional security measures in response to losses from shoplifting, consumers pay the final price, compensating for losses associated with shoplifting.

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Shoplifting negatively impacts the economy if businesses are forced to close their doors because of continual losses. Shoplifting also affects the outlook on the business negitavely because it makes the store look like they don’t care and trashy. Customers might not be willing to go to a store knowing that their possesion might not be safe. When shoplifting happens, the economy is adversely influenced. while these losses may be so frequent as to become a cost of doing business for many businesses, that cost is necessarily passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices to absorb the expense of shoplifted losses.

As per the National Learning and Resource Center, guilty parties admit that for each multiple times they shoplifted, they were gotten just once and went over to the police 50 percent of the time. Shoplifting impacts the economy through benefit misfortune, decreased consumer spending, work misfortunes and higher charges. Peer pressure or simply wanting something they can't afford are two of the reasons why teens choose to shoplift. Apart from the obvious embarrassment of being caught, some businesses prosecute shoplifters to the full extent of the law. Teens who have been previously arrested for shoplifting may end up with a criminal record, which makes it harder to gain employment, get into college or travel between countries. So, shoplifting can affect your point of view of someone negatively. Some repercussions of shoplifting are getting it added to your record causing it to be harder to get a job. A person convicted of theft may lose his or her current job or be unable to get a new job. To get a license in many professions like doctors, lawyers, nurses, it is necessary for a person to show “good character.” A conviction for theft or shoplifting is often enough to prevent a person from passing the licensing process. Often, people do not know about that issue until they have incurred thousands of dollars in student loans, creating a major issue.

Shoplifting can also affect your reputation when friends think of you. Your family would be affected also. Your family would have to pick you up from wherever you stole from which is taking time out of their day to pick you up from doing something you shouldn’t have. Also your parents would be really upset with you and other members of your family would look down on you. The legal effects of shoplifting on a person who is convicted of this misdemeanor or felony crime can include jail or prison time, fines which are often far greater than the amount stolen, and community service. Sentencing for a shoplifting conviction depends on the severity of the charges. For misdemeanor charges most states set punishments of up to one year in jail and a relatively small fine, often not more than $500. The exact sentence can depend on the class of misdemeanor and the existence of prior convictions. Juveniles are often eligible for lighter sentences than adults.

If you aren’t under the age of 18, the shoplifting charge will stay on your record forever in most cases. After 2-5 years you can apply to have it expunged. Therefore, shoplifting can negatively affect your life in many different ways. Any kind of theft or lareceny is never acceptable and can leave you with jail time, a bad record, which can prevent you from getting a job or losing one. Also, if can affect the community and our society negatively by making the businesses you shoplift from look bad and have a bad reputation.

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