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Poverty is a state where a person cannot provide, nor have the basic needs of life: shelter to sleep, food, water and clothes. They can’t obtain money, education, jobs and medication because of how the society sees them as a threat to the community; that gives them hard time to survive on their everyday lives. Among Southeast Asian countries, Philippines is considered as one of the countries where poverty is radical and for almost four decades it has been a big problem in our country. It is also the main cause of crime; people tend to steal money or valuable things that they can exchange for money. Though government has programs made to help poor families like 4Ps or the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, it is not enough to ease the large number of poverty. Just now, PSA had put up poverty lines or rules that estimate the minimum income and resources of the family to be not included in poor counting.

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Do these government programs help families to improve life? Our own government hinders poverty elimination because of their own goals in terms of policy and program making. As a Filipino Citizen we have the rights to be involved or to take part on matters that can improve our country and every Filipinos. Government officials are the ones who are responsible for law making. But it looks like Filipinos had chosen the wrong people. Maybe during the campaign they were convinced by the words or based it from the popularity of the person. That makes corruption very vital here in the Philippines because of the uneducated. People lack knowledge on how our government really works, they doesn’t know how laws work and being made because of being illiterate. When times of scarcity they will mock to our government about short funds, but they have no clue that they were the reasons for it. Another reason why poverty is still not being eliminated is the expensive cost of living. Many have no permanent place or what we call them as “informal settlers”. Some, go to rural areas where they thought it will change their current situation, but the truth is, it makes them more deprived since the value of living in the city is high. Inflation rate makes it hard for people to have their basic needs since the prices of everything increases yearly. The government benefits from it, because it increases the tax that they use for their programs and future projects. But the bad side of it is that it can add number of families that experiencing poverty. Poverty has been always been there because some Filipinos want to be rich or dominant. They will not consider the poor as long as they can get something from it. Crab mentality is of the characteristics of a government official. Bills that cannot be beneficial for them will not be passed, like the bills, or programs that are connected with improving the life of poor Filipinos. But if it is about salary increase for government officials, they will all pass it without hesitations. This is the problem in our country, we do not help each other to have comfortable life rather we are more concerned with our personal needs even though we can afford to make everyday life.

We repeat history, not history repeats itself. Filipinos should be wise and practical, we must learn from past mistakes. Words could blind us on how we perceive things, but we must think that our decisions have a big effect on our life and to our country. I know that we want development and change, but first we must change ourselves. Do not just depend on our government, because you control your own fate. Poverty is not a hindrance to your dreams; make it as an inspiration for you to make your life better. We can end poverty, but don’t let it to end us.


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