Understanding of Leadership: the Group Study

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Table of Contents

  • Explanation of Leadership
  • The Group Study
  • Core Pincipals

Explanation of Leadership

frying machine. This was an interesting topic to me because it covers both my interest in electrical designs, coding and it serves as an opportunity to improve way of life, while I was

Leadership according to my experience is an act of been understanding, persevere, selfless and conscientious. During my final year of my undergraduate studies, I was paired with three other course mates for my final year thesis. Our task was to design and construct an automated garri enthusiastic about this project my team mates where not so eager because they could not balance their course work with the project.

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The Group Study

In order to motivate them I prepared a group study timetable for our course work and assigned task to each member of the team. I also did some research about the project, made a rough sketch of the machine to attract their input and this got them excited. Although, the short time interval for the project completion posed a challenge so I had to do a follow up of each task been assigned and help when necessary to make sure each task is completed on time.

At the end of our seminar, our project came out as the overall best for the session scoring 88 out of 100.

Few months after graduating from my undergraduate studies I applied to the National Youth Service Corps Program and was posted to northern region of Nigeria.

Upon arriving at my place of primary assignment where I was posted to tutor, the declining motivation among primary school pupils leading to low performance and lack of basic learning facilities was very noticeable. Growing up I wasn't opportune to attend top schools and this made learning very difficult for me because the tutors were unable to pass their knowledge effectively. I had to put extra work in my study in other to pass and this has always compelled me to have a keen interest in impacting to younger generations.

Core Pincipals

I spoke to the principal and learnt funds where not been released for the reconstruction of the classroom chairs, I wrote a letter through my local government inspector to the local government council seeking for their solicitation but reply was not forthcoming. I convinced some of my colleagues who made monthly contributions from their stipends. We were able to sponsor and manage the production of 50 classroom chairs within three months.

This achievement gave us a high regard in the community and also attracted friendship between corps members and the emirate of the host community. Currently we are working on organizing an interschool quiz and debate as a way of building relationship with schools and encourage teamwork, enthusiasm amongst students.

Chevening scholarship is a tool to enable me serve a larger audience through excising my leadership.

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