Short Term and Long Term Goals

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Short Term And Long Term Goals

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I believe that ‘chances always prefer the prepared mind’-as Louis Pasteur said – so I spent two years of my life after my graduation, not only thinking about one question: can I apply for the CHEVENING program, but also I started to prepare myself for this program, working on my English language skills, my research skills, and spending many times trying to write and answer the CHEVENING questions, every day I was thinking about my answers and wake up to modify and/or add new ideas.

On the first hand, my short term goals after I will finish my master’s degree in the UK, I will be eager to transfer the advanced teaching methods in the UK to my faculty of pharmacy as my position as assisting teaching staff will allow me to apply these creative methods with my students. During my master’s degree in the UK, I believe that I will learn advanced research skills; furthermore, I will invest these skills in my future skills studies, and my upcoming publications. Moreover, these skills will permit me to offer assistance to other colleagues as an expert in the pharmacological field, as I believe that the best way to develop my skills is to share these skills with others. Besides, I believe that under the CHEVENING program, I will be able to assist others to apply to this reputational program. In addition to this, thinking to be a mentor for other dreamers and outstanding applicants.

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On the other hand, my long-term goals are focusing that this Master’s degree scholarship will help me shape my mind in a scientific way that will permit me determining my Ph.D. research point, I am thinking about how to make something new that affects people’s life. One of the most important goals is forming durable relationships that will affect my life energetically. And I will able to offer my past experiences to help other CHEVENERS colleagues. This experience will be reflected in my lifestyle that will allow me to have obstacle resistance, learning how to act independently, recognizing how to develop my information, experiences.

Finally, I would honor the opportunity if I were accepted for the CHEVENING program. I find that this opportunity will allow me to focus on my research point, offering me the chance to make meaningful achievements not only for me but also for my country. And for me and my future career prospects, I think it will mean a lot. Clearly, I am confident that I can meet your expectations and even exceeding your expectations.  

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