Shortly About Muslims and Non-muslims


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A person can tell about the importance of gaining education from the above revelation of Quran and that is why it was considered as first priority for a person.

Let us first discuss about some reforms for education made by great Islamic personalities before us:Early Muslim educations were given in Mosques with attached schools such as that of al-Manṣur, built during the reign of Harun-al-Rashid in Baghdad. These became the learning center for students all over Muslim world.

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The high degree of learning and scholarship in Islam, particularly during the Abbasid period in eastern Islam and the later Umayyads in western Islam, encouraged the development of education centers.Muslim scholars Avicenna, Al-Ghazali, and AL-Farabi were prominent in their research and were praised worldwide. Major research were done by Muslim scientists and they revolutionized the world.

Compared to that time now we are nothing except puppets of the western world. It was our inefficiency that we couldn’t follow our ancestor traditions. Non-Muslims followed our tradition and built themselves and now they are on top of the world.We are illiterate people unaware of our social responsibilities as a Muslim. Muslims are disgraced all around the world. We are called terrorists, tyrants etc. but we are not able to do anything because we have no knowledge of how to defend ourselves. We have no knowledge about what is right or what is wrong. We are unaware of the social issues surrounding the Muslim community because we have no knowledge about these issues. Quran is the ultimate source of guidance in all these matters but we do not pay any heed to teachings of Quran. It is necessary for every Muslim to seek education throughout his life if he is to fix these issues.

Furthermore, improper educational development in Muslim world now a days is the major cause of illiteracy. Improper education is the main hurdle that affects the Muslims society. No new developments are now being made because of improper education. As a result Muslims cannot compete on global level and are forced to have a low self-esteem and a precarious financial position.

A person who justifies any wrong doings fair irrespective of how big or small they may be is called morally corrupt. Moral corruption has given rise to warped value system, colossal waste and greed, an increasing crime rate fuelled by youth unemployment, economic strangulation and dire financial situation in Islamic society.

Illiteracy is the main source of moral corruption. If a person has no knowledge about what to do when someone try to bribe him or make him do any unethical work which profits them unfairly he will surely do because according to him it is right.

Similarly, when a person kill any other person he will consider it morally correct as he would have no knowledge about what is morally correct.

The best example in this case will be example of the Arabs before the advent of Islam. Before Islam the people of Arab were morally corrupt and were on the verge of destruction. They would kill their own daughter and would not consider it morally incorrect. Rather it had become a tradition and they would support it. Adultery was common and no one was there to prevent it. After that surge of knowledge came in the form of Holy Prophet who lifted the Arabs from pitfall of illiteracy to one of the most educated nations of the world.

The above example can be closely related to the moral issues Muslims are now facing as of today. Its Déjà vu all over again. As the Muslim education is declining we can clearly see today we are facing the same issues uneducated Arabs were facing before the advent of Islam. Muslims are killing Muslim and all the Islamic world have become morally corrupt at extreme level.We seem to have become people of notorious backward mentality. The mistake we are making is that we glorify and idolize evil doers because they have money. Illiteracy is the number one promoter of ignorance. All the books now serve as a purpose of decor in Muslim houses and serve no purpose of knowledge:

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