Should a College Or University Education Be Tuition-Free

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The purpose of providing free education is to increase the availability of learning for hard-working families. When you are a child, you always have the great dream of being a great successful Professional, good job, good house, good income. That everyone will know you for the good work you do as a professional. But what happens when, as time goes by, we feel each time that great dream more distant from you. And not precisely because we have forgotten, but because most of the time our families do not have the necessary resources to provide us with that education and career that we look forward to it. So should a college or university education be tuition free ?

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I think that probably at least, college education should be free, and then if you want to get any Master or Bachelor, then you pay for it. Having a better education prepares you for your future life, which means that you will have better opportunities in society and can contribute more as a citizen. That way, government can continue paying for becoming generations. Teachers should be funded by the U.S Government as they do receive a beneficial profit foreducation being at its all-time high.

We have to focus on making education the number one thinking in our children. Since in the society that we are living today, it only focuses on showing that the only important thing is money regardless of where and how it comes from. Most of those kids have single parents, who are struggling every day to provide a daily meal for their kids. And that is one of the biggest reasons some of them just decided to drop out of school to help their parents with the responsibilities at home. By doing some research on the internet, according to, there are some countries that offer free education and not just for residents, but internationals also. Germany tops the list.

The government should implement better programs to help us as students, providing better low interest payment plans; because right now some of us are taking student loans to help with the tuition, that way we do not stress out about that situation. But, after graduation, we start to feel pressure about to pay back, and how much, also how long we will do it.

We understand that the teachers need to get paid for their job, what minds that education can not be totally free, but at least low interest and better facilities to pay back. Because, sometimes after graduation, it’s not that easy to find a good job, to cover your monthly expenses, and also pay for your student loans. Should it not turn out to be so at least all student loans should be forgiven for those with 10 years or more of defaulted payments according to Multiple countries have also forgiven student loans for delinquent accounts pending for 7 years.    

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