Issue of Animal Welfare:why Dog Fighting Should Be Illegal


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Animals Rights is a “live free from [usage of] medical research, hunting, and other services to humans” (google dictionary). One of the most major problems that are associated with animals is dog fighting. Matt Bershadker, creator of the ASPCA President & CEO in American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, clarifies the brutality of dog fighting is that “no dog is born to fight” (Matt). Pooch battling has been a history to the wide range of societies, and is quickly accepted that it has existed since the start of training of species. Not only has been pooching been a service to humankind but it has been served items, for example, meat, milk, eggs, skin, and so on. Battling are spoken to as a bleeding game and it has been followed back to the Roman Empire where pooch battling started to be known as a ‘sport’. However a few creatures have been and kept to be utilized for battling by some rationally undesirable individuals for a considerable length of time. Its been search that not only dogs suffer by men but roosters, bulls, crickets, horses etc its been going on all around the whole universe but the main ones are always dogs. Animals are not to be used for money services to humans such as fighting, testing, racing etc. Dog fighting should be illegal because it gives living injuries condition to dogs and other animals who suffer from human hands and causes physical damage and emotional scars for life.

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Dog fighting is a negative, evil, disgusting forms of animal cruelty. Dogs should not be forced to fight nor kill in a pit just for the entertainment of the viewers. Gambling of dog fighting has been a felony in all 50 states since 1976 when it became outlawed, but it still manages to occur in all parts of the content. Pooch battling is a sort of blood sport where two mutts are constrained into their very own well to battle with each other with different raisers they put them into a pit and they must fight to the end meaning until one is declared the winner and the other is bruisedly dead. These bets are always placed on dogs for the amount of money and entertainment. Pooches whom are utilized for battling are ordinarily raised alone with zero communication to humans and species, so they burn through a large portion of their lives on hold, with overwhelming chains, stressing, and hunger disorder. Dog fighting is more than just a crime, but it gives a national characteristic of humans.

Should dog fighting become a “sport?”. Dog Fighting is not a sport. Is it wrong for people to see it as a sport? Yes most definitely, Although there is and are many people who are agreeable to it and many people who are against it. Many people see animals abused as committing a violent crime, while others it is an okay thing to do, but why should animals be hurt and violated if it can not be done by a human being. Animals should not be performed in any way because it violates their animal rights. Animals hurt too, as any other human beings and should be treated equally, no matter the gender nor the race, it simply cannot. These dogs are performed in a way that is violent and hurting by owners breeder and it may not be dogs intention but it’s a “performance” they have to participate until death does its part to them or owners get caught. Dogs are typically raised by it and they believe it’s an okay thing to do and they have never been treated how a dog should be treated with love and caring.

Dog fighting is relatable to child abuse. The connection to animals and humans is that these both living species have feelings, physically and emotionally each gives a presence of hurt, sadness, and happiness. It is a typical understanding that when individuals are manhandled, creatures are in danger. Animal abuse is never an end it doesn’t stop there but continues with people. Violence there are many in a cycle that includes sexual violence, child abuse, technology, elder abuse and even stalking. At this point when creatures are in a home who are manhandled or ignored, it is a warning sign that others in the family unit may not be protected. It has been said that “75 percent of women [who are] abused at home [are reported] that their pets are abused as well” (NorthTexasDaily). Likewise, youngsters who witness or attend a fight to creature ill treated are at a more serious danger of turning out to be abusers themselves. These owners who participate in arena of a dog fighting are sentenced up to three years in prison for bringing a minor to a fight and one year without.

They aren’t for the use of physical violence. Violence brings so much consequences towards dogs not just dogs but other creatures who have been used for bait just for dogs to get train and be “better” fighters. They often be tested to see a dog’s fighting instinct, which are often attacked or killed before the match even starts. These are often stolen or street pets that were taken from loving households and used simply to verify the capacity of the dogs to engage in this brutal exercise and often usually they use rabbits, kittens or small dogs. Owners do absolutely everything to win a fight as that begin said they go extremely as to sharpening their teeth, poisoning their food to cutting ears and tails. When dogs are saved by animal rescuer or regular people these dogs have problems with trusting issues, anxiety, scars they get to remember for life, and other conditions that have a solution or not. There are many ways a dog can be punished either from a human or a dog. Both ways are very tormented because a human can put hands on a dog with a weapon such as a fire gun, kicking, belt hitting and the use of a bat and a dog that is being told and obligated to bite the dog while the dog is strictly restrain and tied up from the mouth to unable to bite the predator for self defense and all he or she can do is whine.

Also a common risk that is given to these dogs are scars. These scars are just not an ordinary slight opening skin but really bleeding puncture wounds they are as well left with bruising, broken bones, infection, blood loss and many injuries are slow deaths and diseases. However when owners see their dogs losing they have no sympathy but disappointment to their dogs and when they see that their dogs can no longer be saved they point straight to their head with a gunfire or just dump them somewhere in the corner while he or she is whining with really bad wounds. Matt illustrates the breed they commonly use for dogfighting is pit bulls. Pitbulls are known for their strength and vicious looks. Matt explains, the reason behind dog fighting and humans involvements are “[The] stud fees and the sale of pups from promising blood lines can also bring in thousands of dollars” (ASPAC). They strictly go to animals because it’s “entertaining” and easier than actually making a more nonviolence sport.

Injuries that go in the pit. The problem is with people not dogs. Many people see dogs as a good money profit and faster check, I could see how thousands of dollars go thru these so called a “sport” but it is still not right for them to disobey them they have all the rights like any other human being. These positions that not only dogs but other animals suffer is horrifying especially when you see deep wounds and hear sad whining. Animals can not consent. None of these animals are welling to exercise and they have no choice in the matter because they “can’t speak” they “can’t consent”. Its should not have a consent it just should be no reason why it should be performed. Its been told that these dogs “love” fighting but is loving a bleeding bad injured wounded hurting pain satisfying to them or that is what it’s been believed that dog say, how can one speak for others when you are not in the presence to say or feel their anxious in the pit with other dogs ready to rip of their heads. I strongly disagree with these actions that is taking now in the presence of the state. I personally own two dogs whom I have lived for the past 7 years. I felt that this is a topic that is really personal and close to my heart. Over time, I’ve watched dogs play, and I’ve watched them playful fight. We’re not talking about two dogs fighting for their own reasons. We’re talking about dogs that are bred to fight since the age of 15 months, and that they are placed in an arena with other dogs that are also trained to do so, and then proceed to engage in absolute carnage until people outside of that ring are satisfied that one is the winner, and using innocent animals to better themselves to fight. So let me be clear in my points. I don’t agree to these foolishness I don’t agree with ill people and I stated my reasons towards why this should be illegal and banned for life. 

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