Should College and Education Overall Be Free

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Education has been one of the important components of the human rights scenarios, and it is persuasive that everyone should receive it. However, it is still debatable whether should college and education overall be free for everyone. From my perspective, education should not be free because of three reasons.

First, when education is paid for, it is more competitive in the educational market. To pursue education is like you go to market and buying one product. Imagine, if that product was free, the quality of it could not improve due to lack of incentive. On the other hand, when that product was paid for, it would be competitive for the producers to produce the quality product to attract the consumers to buy. Likewise, education is going to straightly improve by paying. In another word, the amount of money you pay school equals to value you give to school; the higher you dare to pay, the more value you give. Therefore, the school system will update to provide the best education competitively with other competitors. As a result, students gain benefits from this.

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Second, students will study harder when education is not free. The amount of money they pay to school is like an investment; if they do not spend it wisely, it will only become a waste. Every penny that they have to pay equals every sweat of their parents working hard. Furthermore, students might commit to compensating for this, so they will make every of it means because when they graduate, they can have a good job with a high salary. Hence, they start to see the value inside the payment and it only drives them to study harder without being lazy.

Third, if education is free, the government will increase taxation on other sectors, which only brings more disadvantages than advantages to society. There is a quote stating that there is no free lunch. It is such a right quote because if education is not paid for, how can the government pay for teachers and facilities? The government will only impose more taxes on the other sectors and other individuals to support. By paying to have education, the government will have an efficient budget to arrange the system or upgrade. If even it is not enough, the added-up budget cannot be a problem for other sectors. Thus, every individual in society can receive equal attention from the government.

The opponent who supports free education might say should college and education overall be free for everyone because it means providing equal opportunities to every individual. However, the availability of opportunity should not determine by being given but by taking from the individual. For example, even if education was free, it could not mean that everyone would enjoy education. It depends on how much value you dare to give to it.

In conclusion, education is an important part of people's life but it should be free because education standard tends to be more competitive when it is paid; students will study harder because school fees are their investment; it would only bring disadvantage more than advantages when education was free because someone else would still pay that for you through high taxes.    

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