Should Community Service Be Required to Graduate High School

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   Community Service. When someone would mention community service you’d automatically assume that you would be talking about court-assigned community service, where you’d have to do so many hours and pay a fee. However, that shouldn’t have to be the case, when doing something for the community/environment you should be wanting to do it for yourself. If a school were to require 100 hours of community service to graduate, it would feel almost like homework and undoubtedly more than half the student body wouldn’t do it just like they don’t do their homework typically. High schoolers already have enough stress and work to do, although it is a great idea, it wouldn’t have that much of a success rate with that age group as many of these advisers think it would.

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Focusing on how the proposal would be taken, high schoolers wouldn’t be that keen on the sudden drastic requirements needed to receive their high school diploma. If anything it’d be the exact opposite, many of us are driven by the fact we only have to go through the four years of high school with the regular necessary tests (to be taken) to graduate and get our diploma. However, adding to the already stressful classes, if the school board were to pass this policy and incorporate it into the requirements to graduate, you’d have many people failing to complete the100hours. We already barely make it through the week by turning in our work and getting all the necessary credits, so for the adults running our school wanting to add to that, I’m almost positive they wouldn’t survive a year in the current education system.

Incorporating and adopting this policy would only drag out the last few years we need to get through, and so then, it would almost feel pointless. You shouldn’t have to be told to clean up/help your community nor should it be a requirement, you should want to do that on your own time, it should be a choice. though I won’t argue the fact that it would look good on a college application, we teenagers, already go through enough to get through high school. Not to mention that it was scientifically proven that high schoolers have the same amount of anxiety as mental patients back in the day, our authoritative figures should be trying to find ways to make school easier to endure.

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