Should Congress Have Term Limits Today

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 In today’s time, people don’t seem to truly understand how our government functions. Many believe that it is the president’s job to push through legislation and regulations, however, if an individual believes that it’s the president’s job to ensure that’s done, they are wrong. Since the beginning of our country, it has been Congress’s job to pass legislation and regulations for the people of the United States. However, are they passing laws based on the will of the people who placed them in office? I don’t think that congress is the most representative branch of our government due to the constituent’s views, party views, and personal views that anyone representative may have on a sensitive subject. I feel that these individual obligations limit a congressman’s ability to truly represent the people that elected them.

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So, should Congress have term limits? I feel that the lack of term limits in congress contributes to why congress cannot truly vote on what the people truly want. Because the constituent’s viewpoint affects the way a congressman votes or writes legislation. If you had one group constantly writing their congressman about an issue, they can essentially pressure that particular individual to sway one way or another on a bill that is subject to pass. I feel that the fear of losing votes or gaining votes can greatly influence the decision of that congressman. That’s why I feel that congress should have term limits like the president because too much power for too long can cause corruption.

I feel that another influencing factor that hinders congress from truly representing the people is the party views of an individual. I feel that congressmen get constant pressure from their party to push their agenda and write as much policy as possible while they have control of a particular house of congress. Due to this pressure, I feel that the congressman would vote on the agenda for their party over the will of the people out of the fear of retribution from their party. Just as we learned in class their party leaders could threaten to kick them out of their party. I just don’t see how the people could truly be represented in this manner.

Another factor I feel that sways congress from the will of the people is the personal views of the congressman. I feel that if a congressman strongly disagreed with a bill that people wanted it could prevent the will of the people. If we are supposed to have power in government and cannot due to the personal views of one individual, then how are we truly represented in government. We the people did elect this individual, but we did on his campaign promises, not his personal beliefs. This would be my main argument for why congress cannot advance the will of the people because when placed in a position where one can secure his own beliefs that individual will do so over the will of the many.

While I have stated why I think congress isn’t the most representative branch of government I feel that in the spirit of debate I should state why some believe that it is. When it comes election time each individual is looking for someone who is echoing their viewpoints. I know I would want someone in Congress who shares my viewpoints and my beliefs. Once we got him elected, I wouldn’t want term limits where I can keep that individual in office because they share my interest. I can also argue that we place people in congress that share our parties’ beliefs that we share and want them in office to rapidly advance bills that we share an interest in. I also feel that we place individuals in office based on their personal beliefs I feel that we can relate to an individual’s belief and because we share the same moral compass, we want them in congress.

In conclusion. Should Congress have term limits? While every story has two sides, we always seem to have to pick a side. While it is true that Congress is supposed to be the most represented branch of government for the people, I don’t think that’s the case today. We elect congressmen to ensure that the people have a voice in the government, and we tend to think that we vote for people who are going to fight corruption and selfish greed. However, with the divided government that we currently have and the constant pressure from the constituents, pressure from the congressman’s party, and personal views of the congressman. I feel that the people are not being represented as we should. It’s a constant battle for power and control and until we can get people in congress that can truly represent us then who are the people in congress truly representing.  

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