The Negative Aftermath and Long-Term Effects of Getting a Credit Card

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Credit Card is a card that is given by a financial company, with the option to borrow money. It is a very evil item to have; this card can affect your life and a decadence ways. Credit card is one of the things in life that people should not use. The three main reasons why we should not use credit card it’s because, you spend more than you can afford, killing you slowly, and can hurt your credit score.

Once you have a credit card mostly everyone that has a bad education about it tend to use it for everything. Sometimes they made up a lot of excuses so they can just use it, and they spend more than they can afford. For example once a user of that little plastic has it; they are already making up excuses that they need the money to respond to their needs. Sadly they use the card to pay for their bills, like cable, shopping, eating out, and cars. Indeed credit card users spend more money than what they have to pay for the billing of the card.

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The second reason that I am against credit card it because Credit Card Companies wants their customers to use the card, so they can charge them more. The card company made up a lot of rules so, they can kill the user. They have something they called interested rate. Interested rate is something that the card companies have when you are paying back the money that you borrow; they made you pay it with interest. They have different types of interests like, 30%, 10%, 20%, etc., Depends on the companies that the user has. For instance they made up a lot of rules like, if you borrow a minimum of 500 dollar you going to pay an interest rate of 30 %, and if you were late for the payment you are going to have to pay an additional 10 %, which mean now you have to make a payment of 700 dollars, if you don’t have the money to pay it now, and the due date past you will have to pay 10% more, which became to be 770 dollars. And because you don’t have that much money to pay them the interest rate is growing up until it come a time where you cannot afford the card, and will make you have a financial debt. In conclusion credit card companies use their little rectangular plastic to kill their customers slowly.

The last reason why these little plastic are bad to use it’s because they can affect your credit score. Once you apply for it even you use it or you don’t it will affect your credit score. These cards were made a way to affect people by affecting their credit score or to stop it from destroying your credit score you have to pay them every month. For example in there was a person that has a card with Citibank since 1994, there was a new rule that the bank establish that their users have to pay annual fees. The user that barely uses the card, and wanted to cancel it; but it appears that if he closes the credit card that his credit score will diminish a little. Indeed credit cards are bad to use because they can affect your credit score.

Others that are not in favor of my disagreement say that credit card can help you start building your credit score. Yes credit card can help you build your credit but; if you take a credit car, and you do not take your responsibilities to pay the payment when is due, is like you did not do anything. It’s like you messes up your credit record. In my point of view if a person does not have a good education about credit card, do not even bother taking it, like as an excuse like you are going to build up your credit, the only thing you are going is you are gong to make your credit score worse.

On conclusion credit card are not good to use because you have the tendency of using more than you can afford, it can kill you slowly, and can hurt your credit score.

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