The Consequences of Maintaining Democracy in All Circumstances

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In comparison to the minority rights and access to resources in Australia, the minority groups in America are better than they were half a century ago. The Black Americans are no longer humiliated by the whites and poverty rates among the blacks have declined. Today, the income gap between black and white households in America is roughly the same as leadership positions are availed to every race in America. In Australia, it is the white Australians who have European roots that still run almost every aspect of the Australian economy. The minority groups only make up to five percent of the senior leadership positions in the country. Despite opportunities being availed to the minority groups in America, there are reports that black families are still less wealthy than white families. In America, the whites who are born in affluent families tend to remain the families while the blacks who are born in the affluent families tend to fall off them (Coates, 2014). Similarly, the affluent community in Australia is composed of majorly the white Australians who have European roots. The disparity in wealth levels is evident in the Sydney’s corporate towers and in the halls of parliament where the Australia’s power structure is evidently white.

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In a report about the diversity of Australia, it is highlighted that Australia has the obligation to confront the fact that its promise of social equality faces challenges such as prejudice. The report records discrimination that is based on race, gender, and ethnicity in Australian companies. In the United States, companies with more than 100 employees have their employees reporting diversity statistics to ensure that there is inclusion and diversity in the country. The articles illustrate that there are characteristics of democracy that are necessary and are crucial for the freedom of the citizens of a country. From the articles, the characteristic of democracy that is crucial to the freedom of citizens is the recognition of human rights. Human rights principles require that countries such as Australia and the United States strengthen their strategies for inclusion and diversity to get rid of elements of discrimination in leadership positions. The article about the case of reparations notes the level of prejudice of the Black Americans in the history of America, which does not conform to the principles of democracy and freedom (Cave, n.d.).

With reports of lack of inclusivity and discrimination in a diverse country such as Australia, leaders at places of work ought to understand the need for accountability into their systems with regard to the top management being responsible for the creation of a diverse and inclusive work environment. Organizations should embark on a mission to educate employees in different levels of management on the importance of diversity and inclusivity, as it could be the workers at the middle level of management who discriminate other employees based on their race and ethnicity. Political leaders are mandated to pill up pressure to place individual rights and responsibility at the same level as group rights and entitlements. In the modern society, the ideology of human rights is not a representation of a neutral and innocent concept as it is meant to be. The concept has been influenced to lead to alternative and far reaching consequences. It is, therefore, the responsibility of political and religious leaders to redefine democracy and ensure that no group gains control over the other.

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