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Nowadays, society is more and more open for people to get acquainted with many other friends of the opposite gender. Social prejudice follows that innovation, and decreases over time. Women, often considered to be weak and dependent on a man who is successful, mature and experienced etc. Now, they – the women- can self-reliant and self-sufficient in work, taking care of themselves and feel free to date any guy they want. People often say, “Dating a guy who is about the same age or younger is like having a little brother!” In fact, things are being opposite. Dating a younger male brings more surprises to the woman than we thought.

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The most important thing here is, for a woman, if they are really impressed with a younger male, then no one can stop them. Social prejudice can not feed any love story, so why live in the fear of prejudices? There is this phrase written on the newspaper “against all odds” to refer couples who love each other regardless of differences in appearances or the family status of the other person. People say “those differences are true love”, then who can say love regardless of age is not true love? In fact, the relationship between a couple of female and a younger male aren’t surprising at all. As there are many instances where even an 80 years old lady married a 19 years old man. The families of both are not rich, they come together despite the prevention of the descendants and parents, but the wedding still proceed and the couple is still happy. Ignoring social preconceptions, old husband and young wife are too common, why don’t we allow the opposite to happen?

Young age is not immature?

Some men mature sooner than others because of their strong personality, the situation forced them to take care of themselves and their families. They have to live, work and bring home the bacon. In other words, from an early age they had to live independently, not rely on anyone. That makes them grow older, even 25-year-olds are more likely to experience life than 30-year-olds who are still dependent on their families. “Good things come in small packages”, ignoring the impulses of youth, women are generally considered to mature earlier than men. That may be due to men because somewhere inside them are still flustered, agitated, hot tempered. Choosing a man to date, women often choose older men because when they are older, men will hold their temper. They will not be impulsive, foolish, or doing things that hurt their love ones.

However, not all old are wise. Calmness depends on the nature and the patience of each person, not just by age. A 20-22 year old may still have the calmness of answering a 40-45 years old middle-aged man who is constantly defaming him in a car crash. Impulsive or not, it is according to the ability to recognize and evaluate the problem of each person. If young people have enough patience and awareness of the situation to avoid conflicts, fights as most as possible, they can still do well. Dating a younger guy, who is every inch a gentleman, would not be better than dating an older person but rude and talking nonsense?

Small age can still be successful

Success and career are not based on age. The income of a man depends entirely on his capacity, and if he have no capacity then he would be eliminated. There are more young people become billionaires, Start-up businesses are mostly built by young owners.

They are proof that success does not come from good luck, or age, but from the efforts of themselves. Young people have many opportunities to learn and access to new technologies and trends. Not to mention about dealing with different cultures in the workplace (if the man work in international company) will help them filter the politeness needed to deal with the woman they love.

In literature, we can see that a lot of young writers emerging with the romantic love stories of modern times and many of them have succeed. There are male writers such as Nguyen Minh Nhat, Hamlet Truong, Nguyen Ngoc Thach and so on, with a realistic and sophisticated point of view, the way that they write about women and girls in short stories show some certain respects that writers give them.(Tiết Phương, n.d.).

Classic romance combines with modern romance according to the preferences of each person. Some like to receive a handwritten letter the old fashioned way, some others like their guy to make a singing clip with an email with funny, youthful and hilarious icons. It’s up to the woman choice

Freshness and health

Younger male are not necessarily healthier, but he will be more likely to have access to long-term eating habits than older male who have limited early training due to the effects of middle-aged bones. If a woman wants her lover or husband to attend fitness improvement sessions, it is better for him to train when he is young, he will be less influenced by the heavy exercise on his bones. Not to mention the fact that the woman might have a new friend, who would go with her to practice, and enjoy the workout time together, reducing the fatigue that the exercise brings. That health can be used on travel, on trips away. Climbing, swimming, diving, etc.

When we were young, we are more interested in experiencing trips than when we aged, having to think and work a lot made you just want to stay at home for the holidays. Or even if you want, you still can not participate in vigorous physical activities. Not to mention in critical situations, young male will often have quicker reflexes and more agile. For example, when you falls down a cliff or the car in front of you suddenly hit the brakes, younger male will have faster reflexes and if necessary they can still use the force to take the woman out of the danger zone. Those cases still happen, despite the odds. But when those things occur, it’s better to be beside a young, fast, healthy man who can save both of you.

The date will become more interesting

If you are a woman who is very distinctive and active, it would be better if you had a man who could share his interests with you. According to (iVillage, 2016), Men after the age of 30 tend to be more quiet, preferring to stay at home more. They will demand to have the right in the relationship, will want to possess, will want to shoulder this relationship. Young man are different, they do not require unless designated. They share with you their hobby, passion for pets, travel, work. They certainly want to assert their position, however, they respect your opinion as you are older. Having spent a good deal of time as a young man, men over the age of 30 will often feel like sticking with his family, staying at home rather than engaging in outside activities. Young men will not hesitate to participate in the activities you give because part of him will also want to experience, and that’s youth!

Last but not least, many people said that “ women will age faster than men” so choosing an older man more or less will lengthen the beauty of the woman who is standing next to him. However, there are still women in their 40’s who still look like she’s 20.

With the advance of technology along with cosmetics, nutritious food and scientific workout measures. If the woman want, no matter how old, she can still maintain her youthful look. Besides, old or young is about psychology. Thinking much will make women age faster, have more wrinkles under the pressure, and health is also greatly reduced. If you are dating a non-progressive man, and have to marry that man later on, and then you have to do every single thing with no one helping. Who will be older, you or the man?

After all, it’s just dating and nothing can be more certain that all young men are better than the older ones. However, because you are still dating, do not force yourself in any way. Go on a date with the guy you like even though he is younger or older than you, as long as you like and feel comfortable. After all, women are born to be loved. The two halves which are suitable when combining with each other will certainly make a tight bond and difficult to separate. On the contrary, if it is not compatible, it will not be able to piece together, if we are still being stubborn, one will damage the other, creating a scar which is difficult to fade. So give yourself a good choice, even though it is just dating, but it will be the first step to be able to create the future later. Choose a person who can give you his shoulder and walk with you, do not choose a person who will become a burden for you and your family.

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