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Should GMO Products Be Labeled?

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“A GMO is the result of a laboratory process where genes are taken from one species and inserted into another in an attempt to obtain a desired trait or characteristic. GMOs are also known as genetically engineered-, bio-engineered-, biotech crops, or transgenic organisms.” (Fergusson, Mark. “GMO Foods Should Be Labeled.” Down to Earth Organic & Natural. May, 2018. Genetically Modefied Organisms (GMO’s) are the plants or animals whose DNA has been adjusted and/or mixed to satisfy the liking of the producer, or to give the product more for it’s money. For example, some salmon has been modefied to grow to full maturity twice as fast as normal, and some farmers mix certain species of corn — one that grows quicker, one that produces more, and one thats sweeter — to create one large, sweet harvest quicker than average. So naturally, most distributors would gravitate towards this style of farming.

As each producer is competative toward the other, each wants to get the largest profit possible; meaning the largest harvest as soon as possible. So they take the DNA of their product and tamper with it just enough to maximize the harvest in a timely fashion, like the salmon. However, this mixing of species within the same class creates new species all together, bringing new unexpected allergens along as well. People who usually aren’t alergic to certain foods may become so due to the mixture of genes. For instance, when a farmer plants his crop of potatoes, he has the option to combine the genes from a number of different types of potatoes, and basically creates a new species of potato. In most respects, this would be fine. However someone who generally is unbothered by potatoes may eat some of these ones and have an allergic reaction to them, and then forever believe he is allergic to all potatoes. That would be sad, because Potato Salad is the best.

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Many people fear this because they cannot know which foods are safe, which is why many people buy organic or non-GMO foods. Organic is always GMO-free, however not always an option for everyone’s budget. So some people have no option but to hope they choose a brand that is truly GMO-free if they disapprove of GMO products. If the modefied products were all labeled, than people have a choice for themselves as to what they eat. In my opinion, GMO products should be labeled accordingly. Just like non-GMO products advertise such, GMO foods should include on the label all the ingredients. Also, if GMO’s are as harmless as the distributors say, then nobody has anything to fear by labeling their product correctly. If there is no reason to be against them, then the producer should be proud of the product they conducted. The only reason i see in denying the public their right to know what they put into their body is that the producer is afraid of losing business. If there is truly nothing to fear about GMO’s, then there is nothing to fear about labeling them. Itonly causes suspicion and mistrust in that department, and causes more customers to turn away. If the customers feel cheated into something, they will find another distributor.

Another variable to consider is that people just want their rights. The public wants to have the most amount of control possible. In something as simple as labeling, people can be pretty peticular. When they realize that they don’t have the options they thought were available, they tend to do something about it. Whether complaining to the authorities, or switching to a more reliable source; people will get their way. If someone feels suspicious as to the intentions or dependability of the distributor, they will start to question the quality of the product. The best option is to be fully honest about the products, even if some people don’t appreciate certain characteristics, because it gives the customers a sense of trust and security. If you want good business, you want to treat your customers as honored guests. So you want them to feel free to get anything, without any suspicion that they are missing any information.

When they recognize this, they feel they can trust the salesperson. So something as simple as labeling products as GMO can provide both the provider and buyer with what they want; satisfactory customer service and faithful customers. So it’s not just about what is in the product that calls for labeling, but also what the buyers ask for. If they ask for labeling, I believe producs should be labeled. If they aren’t peticular about it, then there is no need. However since people are requesting it, something should be done. In my, professional,opinion, if the people’s rights are fulfilled, they are happy. So when they want labeling, it should be done. If GMO’s are not a cause of danger, then there should be no fear in labeling them correspondingly.However, since there is the belief that GMO’s are dangerous, than there is no problem in giving the customers a choice in what they buy. Again, refusing to label GMO products just produces more mistrust and wariness for the customers. However providing the customers with all the information possible gives them the selection they want and lets them know that you are a dependable distributor. So i believe GMO products should be labeled. Not just because they can be dangerous, but also because it gives society more of what it wants, stimulating the entire economy.


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